Sunday, September 23, 2012

Saturday success

My sister in law called to say she and her kiddos were coming to Maddox's game Saturday.
Coincidentally, my sister came home from college too, also planning to watch.
My mom and Dave, my Dad and Julie...
And my cousin, Amber and my aunt Missy and Mike showed up as well. (early for Kyleigh's game)

I had told Maddox on Friday night that he was going to have lots of fans, and tomorrow was the day that he was going to score.

He matter of factly told me that he didn't score, but he could ask his friend Caden or Gavin to, because they know how.

He played so well...
A few thumbs up and waves at us also...
But in the first half, he dribbled the ball all the way down the field and missed his goal by inches!
I was so proud and we clapped and praised him from the sidelines.

Then another mommy came up, talking to me.
I heard my name called a couple of times, but I didn't want to interrupt the other momma so I ignored my family.
Finally the mom took notice and I turned around just in time to see my little buck-a-roo, take his shot and score his first goal!

His look of excitement was priceless to me...
and I may have pulled out a few of my retired cheerleading moves from high school!
(sorry, no picture!)

Lance was jogging beside him the entire way down the field, telling him he had it-- to move left or right or whatever-- and he said it was the coolest feeling see him put it in the goal!

He was so excited, however, that he forgot to do his celebratory front roll for himself!

But Lance reminded him, and he put it down in the center of the field!

Our other point, yesterday was scored by another little boy who hadn't scored before.

Super cool.

Our first goal of many, many, many.
I know.

Upward has been such a blessing to us.
I don't think I have mentioned before, but we play in a Christian organization.
At half time, all of the teams join together and listen to a testimony from a speaker.
We all pray together after, and go back to playing.

They pray together before the game, and at practice and learn scripture together, each week.
We feel blessed to have found this awesome organization.

And blessed that so many of our family members have come to watch our sweet boy grow and learn in Christ and soccer.

Great stuff!

After the game, we went to lunch with our cousins.

We came home for a family nap, and then my mom and sister and SIL came back for a GNO!
My sweet husband agreed to watch all of our kiddos, (even despite him having to wake up early this morning to go to work) and we met my aunt at Joe T Garcia's for Mexican food, margaritas and lots and lots and lots of laughs!

We shut the place down at 11:00 and all crammed onto pallets and cots and beds back home.

I had to work this morning also, but it was most certainly worth my yawns...
The boys played so hard with their cousins, however, they took a late and long nap and we had to all but hog-tie Maddox to get him to sleep tonight.


Oh well, Saturday was a success!


  1. You've got me craving Joe Ts! I'm glad you had a great GNO!

    Way to go Maddox. I know you were so proud of him. I love that Lance runs up and down the sidelines, cheering him on too. What a great Christian group to be involved in.


  2. Yay is first goal!! And to have so many people cheering him on.
    Love the cute picture of the kids looking in the window.
    Have a great week!

  3. Hunter played Upward basketball and I loved it. Drove my Hubby/former coach crazy because of the rule changes, but the lessons they learned were wonderful. We need a video post of the signature front roll. :)