Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First week...

We started MDO.

Sunday night, Maddox was down and asleep by 7:40.
He is, and always has been, a night owl, so this was one of my biggest concerns for starting school.
So far, however, it has fixed itself.

I cleaned up dinner, ironed clothes, stuffed the lunch box, and was whipping around my house like a mad woman, sweeping, mopping and even scrubbing my kitchen cabinets with wood cleaner when Lance finally paused the tv, and said, "are you nesting?"

And I realized I was.
Apparently that feeling you get right before you bring a baby bird home into your nest, is the same feeling you get right before you let them fly.

That night, I had a scary dream that I was trying to protect Maddox and run from someone who was trying to get us, so I had an un-restful night, and a subconscious mind torturing me.

Lance went in late to work so that he could be there for Maddox's first day, and I was glad he did.

Typically Lance is our weakest link, changing outfits and thinking things need to be ironed, or changing hats, etc. again and again....
But Monday, he was the glue, and even made the PB&J for me, cutting it into dinosaurs, just like I do, and helped us get out the door on time.

Maddox gave us our kisses goodbye and walked in, all smiles.
And to the surprise of everyone, I left the same way.

I picked him up, expecting a non-stop talking boy and stories upon stories about his day... 
but instead, he looked like a zombie and though he had nothing bad to say about his day,
he had no great news either.
And within minutes, he was snoring on my bed.
Beckham and I have enjoyed our time together while brother is away.
He is a different kid without the competition of attention of Maddox around.
I hope to have more one on one time to teach him more words and get his cute little mouth talking!
...or we will keep grunting, and saying mama, dada, and dipe-dipe, and that will be fine too.
Today, Lance happened to be off work and he was able to take him with me, again.
We went for donuts before, and then Lance and I had a day filled with chores and running around town with our little side-kick.
We arrived a little early to pick Maddox up, but I was afraid that he would see other mommies and think that his wasn't coming, so we went ahead and went in.

Guess who else was early?

The ex.

But it was good.
We were stuck together in a hallway and Lance finally spoke and said, "Hey.  How are you." 
She introduced herself to me and apologized for avoiding us before but didn't know if it would be awkward for me.
She was really, really nice and I am glad we got the ceremony out of the way.
Now we can get on to other things, like the school parties!

Though the boys week was fabulous,
I had a busy week of call, a doctor's appointment, a schedule to make for work, studying, a quiz, a trip in to my office for my flu mist, a test, and a play date planned.

So far, my pager quit working, I cancelled the dr appointment, screwed up the schedule, got kicked off of the internet during my quiz (and am not sure I will get the opportunity to retake it, and even if I do-- it is due on Friday and Lance and I are opposite schedules between now and then so I get to juggle boys and a timed test at retake, IF I get a retake, that is), just printed my notes today to study for my test, cried to my not-sympathetic husband and swear I have West Nile.

Nicolle, I may be cancelling on you too.
I hope not.
But I'd be embarrassed to cry in our first real meeting.
And right now, I am a bit overwhelmed.

So I am barrelling down a pan of no bake cookies.
Straight from the pan and still hot.

And then I am going to bed.

The first week of school was great for my diddle.
The fourth week of college was hard for me.

But it means that I am half way finished with these 2 classes...

I can do it.
We can do it.

Even if there are tears the entire way,
there have been nothing but smiles from my boy, and that's what matters most!


  1. Just emailed you. Let's reschedule at a later date, no worries. Don't even think about it right now. I get it, and I know that overwhelmed feeling. HUGS and praying for you, sweet friend.

    LOVE the pictures! :)

  2. I'm glad you both made it thought that first week of school! My girls are like zombies when they get home too. They are just so wiped out! :)

  3. So happy to hear that you & Nicolle are meeting up, even if you reschedule it. It sounds like you have a lot going on right now! That is great that the first week of school went so well. The kiddos that I teach in the afternoon look so tired, I think it is a big day for those little guys! Great that you have time one on one with Beckham. I remember that being such a great time for my son and I when big sis was at preschool. I know work, family, home, school is weighing in on you but you can do it. Keep going and finish strong!

  4. Love that kissy photo. Hey, how are you is always a good place to start. Hope it gets easier. Such great memories for all. Happy Monday!