Monday, August 13, 2012

ducks in a row.

I have told you before that I am a list maker.
I make lists...
and lists of my lists...
and calendars...
charts-- what ever I can...

It keeps me happy.
(and I have been known to write things on my list, after I have already done them-- just to experience the pleasure of the single line, marking it off!)

I like structure and to have my ducks in  row. 

Tonight, Maddox has soccer "try outs".
They all make the team, but they attempt to even the kids out so that one team isn't "stacked", etc.

I will be at work, and I hate that.

Lance will be all business, and I would be all cheerleader...
but instead I will be all nurse-- and 30 miles away.

I am sure he will do great!
He has been practicing, and in his mommy's eyes, he's a natural!

But he also gets tired... and thirsty...
And that comes from his mommy too!

Monday, I start school.
I rented my books this weekend and am going to pay my final payment tonight...
It is real.
I am a student of UTA.

I have worked hard to organize closets and drawers, and stay on top of every load of laundry leading up to the day...
I am trying to take care of the things that overwhelm my mind, because I know me.
It is going to be difficult, for sure...
but I am doing my best to tackle the things I can now, that will torture me later!
(and hopefully get everyone into a routine of helping me each other)

Oddly, even with everything falling into our lap at once...
and I am not overwhelmed.

Lance even surprised me by getting our shower fixed!
It is funny how far your 'wants' change, the older we get!
Our renters cracked the bottom of the free-standing shower in our bathroom and we have been back here for a year now, still unable to use it.
I keep a running list on the fridge of crap we need to get taken care of, and there are only a few things not crossed off, all belonging to Lance.
I try not to rub his face in it like a puppy,
but I would be a liar to say that I don't remind him.

He didn't tell me until last night, when Rob came over to do the final (smelly) touches, and I was so excited to take a shower that I didn't have to move 57 toys from beneath my feet before hopping in.

Marked it off the list!

I work all 4 days this week.
Call, all 4 too.

Normally, I would act like that one extra day was going to do me in...
but today, I just see it as extra money...
and a good reason to stay home and organize more!

I think I am nesting.
I need more crates.
And trash cans.

We are refinancing our house.
I am nervous about the entire process, but we can get a 3% better interest rate, so we would be fools not to do it.
And with the money we save on our monthly payments, there...
we shouldn't notice the land payment at all.

And if it all falls into place just right,
We should be able to skip a house payment!
Meaning that I can do all of my Christmas shopping in one visit, and not stress like I do every year.

We went to the bank on Friday and have all of our finances squared away on the land too.
We got a better interest rate than we had planned... and cheaper payment.
We celebrated with sweets!
And then dinner with Lance's sister and her family.

Yesterday during dinner, we found out that my parents gifted the survey to us,
which was a huge blessing, as well!!

Thank you guys!

We should close in the next 2 weeks, and we will finally the the owners of 10 acres in Paradise!
We hope to build in 3-5 years, depending on how our market here, changes.
(^^read that sentence again, mom.  Three to five years.)  ;)
My mom wants us out there yesterday!

Maddox still has 4 weeks until he starts pre-k, and he has started getting anxious.
He started by telling me that I would be sad without him so he would just stay home...
and now he admits that he will be sad.
But I am ready.

Not for him to leave me (right now, he is the easier child!) but I am excited for him to meet friends, and paint and color and learn things that I don't know to teach him!
I am excited for parties and teachers gifts and all things crafty too.
I am excited to watch him wave bye at me and rush to me when his day is over.

We are not talking about school at all for a little bit...
But we are excited!

Finally, we went to Denton yesterday to celebrate our niece, Landry's, 10th birthday.
I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday.
Lance and I could not wait until the weekend, so that we could rush out to Runaway Bay and hold her.
And that was a decade ago!

Tell me that Maddox won't be 10 that fast.
It is not on the list!

I am finished with my Pepsi, and the dinger just sounded on the dryer.
Back to cleaning I go!


  1. So proud of you going back to school...that makes a "teacher" proud. And I am with your Mom, yesterday would be great so I can watch Maddox at Pep
    Rallies on Fridays!

  2. Another thing we have in common. I'm such a list maker, note taker, etc, etc. I love marking things off of my to do list.

    The family pictures at the end are all so great. So happy for you about school, and about your land. Exciting stuff going on for you guys! :)

    We refinanced our house a couple of years ago, and it was one of the best things we've ever done. A little money up front for us saved us a ton each month, and we even reduced the years on our note. It was good all the way around.

    Hope you have a good day.

  3. Lots of exciting stuff going on for you guys! Congrats on signing up for your classes...and on your land and refinancing. The interest rates are just too low these days not to take advantage...good for you! I have been nesting and trying to get my ducks in a row too lately. I am nervous about starting work full time...worried about being able to keep up with laundry and groceries. It will all be fine. I've been collecting some crockpot recipes...I think we will be having lots of those kinds of dinners!
    Love your dress by the way!