Thursday, August 9, 2012

for a few days...

I want to tie my loose ends, so that I can participate in 10 on 10, tomorrow.
So this blog, again, is going to be all over the place.

But that's how that works, when you are type A, like myself...

I feel like if there are these unblogged topics floating around, it would be irresponsible to post 10 pictures of randomness... and if I did... and then went back and posted the few unmentioned topics in my brain right now, my world would be out of order... and confusing and awful.

So here goes (as I eat my cucumber... and realize that it is the only food that I ate today-- omiting my McFlurry... and add it to the list of "crap to do better tomorrow".)

Tuesday I moved my car out of the garage and turned it into a play area for Kyleigh and Maddox while B napped.
I had an idea to move our Lab, Toby, to the garage also, and give him a break from our torturous heat.
He enjoyed laying around while they slid and drew and played all around him.

Once Beckham woke up, me and the kids went back inside and left him to relax.

I cracked the garage about a foot, to let fresh air in...
and it started to rain.

Apparently Toby figured it was cooler outside, so he went exploring.

Thankfully, some new people around the corner had found him and though I was relieved that I didn't have to tell Lance that I had lost his dog-- he spent the rest of his day in the back yard.

Where he will stay.

Wednesday, we faced the dreaded checkups.

Maddox weighed 36 1/2 lbs and was 41 1/2" tall.
Beckham weighed 23lbs 14oz and was 32 3/4" tall.

We switched pediatricians, this visit, due to better schedules and were very pleased with our visit.
I got no lip about Beckham still not completely being weened.
She made no aggressive comments about my alternate vaccine schedule...
and when I told her that I was anxious about MMR since Beckham is only saying one word, she simply said, "then let's wait."

And we did.

Maddox was as brave as any four year old ever is, for his shots.

I went ahead and had him get all four that were due, rather than splitting them like I always have, because I thought that his anxiety had to trump mine, this time.
And now he is complete until he is 11.

Thank the Lord.

My heart was torn into pieces by the tears of both of my kiddos though, and it was difficult to split my TLC between the 2 of them.
I was very glad, however, that Lance took off of work to go with me...
but honestly, I really just needed two of me.

I was also thankful to the great co-workers I have, who showered them both with attention, praise and little goodies.
I know it made them feel special!

We met my parents for dinner after the visit, and then stopped at the dollar store so that Maddox could pick out a toy for being so brave.

He chose a bag of new army men and a Captain American figurine.

Beckham got a dose of Motrin...
and lots of snuggles.
Today the boys were better...
and they spent their day playing with our friend Audrey.

Candace, had plans in Weatherford and asked if I could keep her sweet girl.

The babies played so well together and Maddox was incredibly sweet to them both by keeping them happy and entertained.

At one point Beckham and Audrey were both laughing, and were getting more tickeled as they would watch the other, laugh.
It was too cute and made Maddox and I laugh equally as hard.

 Maddox is not one to be trumped however...
And although, I think he may have taken his "entertainment" a bit far...

I spent 4 hours organizing the boys' closet, so I appreciated his help!

We had a great day,
But tonight, I ended on a sad note.

My partner in crime, Raine, turned in her key...
and we worked our final shift together.

She is one of the sweetest people I have had the opportunity to know.
She is smart, hard working, funny... and was the perfect partner for me.

I am really emotional (as you know) and so I did my best to not shed tears tonight as we left.

Though I am excited for her new adventures in work, marriage, and life-- out near her family...
I will miss her dearly.


I will be praying for her Tuesday as she takes her test to turn in her LVN license and become an RN... I will keep planning her pinterest wedding for her... and stalking her FB and Instagram as if things are still the same.
I will continue to remind her how lucky she is to be young and free to be a gypsy for a while...
but I will miss her.

Like crazy.

Well, it is midnight,
and the house is snoring...

I am off to join them,
See you tomorrow for 10 on 10!


  1. First off I'm bein a bad girl and readin this while in the car... Of course laughing at your amazing blog.... Then the part about me comes up and I lose it... Cryin from those sweet words from the most amazing, beautiful, hilarious, BEST partner a nurse/friend could aak for!!! You have taught me so much and I am so LUCKY/BLESSED to have the chance to know you!! :)) && don't worry I'll be FB/instagram stalking you as well!!! && hopefully get those girls nights planned bc they NEED to happen. Your amazing and I'm going to miss you with all my crazy...gypsy...heart:))) love ya Holls!

  2. Wow! I sure hope I can get this to post( not one of my strong suits!) I so very much enjoy your blog and reading your wonderful words. You are an inspiration, your sense of humor, your love for family( and friends!) and your gentle kind soul touch me deeply. I laugh and I cry every time I read your sweet sweet words. Thank you!!!!------ marianne

  3. (wiping the huge tears from my face) Holly, that feeling of sadness I know all to well..she is such a beautiful soul and she is gonna be super hard not to miss. I know she has cherished every given moment she has had with you. She even gave me the opportuntity to have met you and have you in my life and for that I am forever thankful. We love you so much Raine!!! ;( <3

  4. Sorry your work partner and friend is leaving you. :( I'm sure she feels the same way about you!
    Glad you were able to get those dreadful shots over with...not fun.
    Congratulations on your land!!!

  5. Oh gosh, Boyd is as tall as Maddox, but he weighs around 50 lbs. Sometimes that stresses me out. agh.

    I'm glad you got the shots over and that all is well. Those pictures of the boys on Wednesday are precious!

    Maddox in his "costume" is HILARIOUS. I hope that picture gets put in his baby book, or something. Love that.

    Beckham is adorable with his sweet little girlfriend. :)

    Sorry about your co-worker. Goodbyes are hard!

  6. Holly, you grow more beautiful each year. I know that your friend will miss your sweet spirit and awesomeness just as much as you miss her. Thank you for always sharing "life" with your faithful readers!

  7. sorry to hear your work friend is leaving, goodbye's are so hard but you survived the boys dr apts! YAYYY! thats a huge accomplishment as you already know :) so, im curious, why did you decide to wait on the MMR vacc? wyatt and beckham are so close in age and his apt is coming up too. he doesnt say much either... momma,dadda... he talks in his own little language of course and he knows what things are when we say them but he just doesnt want to say it yet himself. so was just wondering what made you decide to wait. such cute pictures too! ~leslee

  8. hi holly!
    popping in to say hello.
    i have "seen" you so many places that i frequent so i figured it was time we meet:)

    we had some dear sweet neighbors move away this summer, so i now that feeling. our girls miss them terribly and life just hasn't been the same with them gone.:( sorry for that:(

    heading into the dr today for check-ups. not quite what you had to go through since our oldest won't be getting shots and they love the dr,:) but our three year old has one shot to get. big sisters are kind of like second mommies so we should be fine. (we use the adjusted shot schedule too and our doc is supportive and that makes all the difference doesn't it!)

    playdates are the best!!:)

    have a happy day holly
    i look forward to reading more, you have a wonderful family:)