Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Loving this day!!

Maddox wondered into my room about 5:00am this morning to let me know he needed to go potty.

It was Lance's day off so I was excited to sleep in...
I guess I can't complain.
I got an extra hour.

and I was up.

Like up. Up.

I started my DVR, and giggled into my pillow so that I wouldn't wake the boys!
[I miss the days when sleep was a hobby.]

Maddox re-woke around 7:30 with his famous phrase:  "The sun is up!  Its a beautiful day to play outside!"
He says it every morning.
It always makes me smile.

Lance knew how tired I have been lately and after we all enjoyed our bowls of cereal, he scooped Maddox to the living room to play 4-wheelers, so that I could get a nap.

I was awake by 11:00, and whole-heartedly appreciated my extra 2 hours of slumber!

Maddox was right, today was a beautiful day to play outside!
We took advantage of it!

We played all that we could play at home...
and then decided to take him to the park.

We had never been to the park in Boyd, but it was really nice!
We were the only ones there so he had full run of all of the toys.

His daddy had a little bit of fun himself! ;)

I am a bit less agile than the boys, being 33 weeks large preggo, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless!

After the park, we went and fulfilled my Pizza Pro craving--
black olives, onions, and a ton of the crushed red pepper sprinkles!
Cheese for Maddox.
Pepperoni for Lance.

We took Maddox to the fire station in Boyd to eat our pizza and he loved climbing all over the trucks!
I hate that I didn't take any pictures there because he was honestly in awe of everything Lance showed him!
He whispered "wooooowwww" over and over and over.

He crashed on our drive home, but I had to wake him.
My grandpa had a cow give birth to a 2 month premature calf and I needed to see this tiny thing!
So we headed up the hill...

I'm not sure these pictures give justice to just how small this baby was.

I wouldn't trade these days for the world.
Beautiful weather.
Lance at home.
The park.
The fire station.
The new calf named Ruby.  (Or Beckham, depending on when you ask Maddox.)
A home cooked meal and a date in front of the TV watching AI, rounded out our night.

I hope tomorrow is just as great!


  1. Your little guy is so CUTE! What great pictures...I love the 5th one down! And, you sure don't look 33 weeks pregnant! I look like that after a good trip to the chinese buffet! You look great!

  2. LOVE all the pictures. I can tell just by looking at them how nice the weather has been! Sounds like a really wonderful day!