Friday, March 18, 2011

jumbled thoughts

We spent the last 2 days at the park, eating up this beautiful weather.
My sister packed us a picnik yesterday, and though the wind almost did us in... we had fun!

My house looks like we spent 2 days at the park.
I am behind.

I should have used today to catch up.
But I. am. tired.

My brother is very sick.
He was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday and is loaded up on antibiotics and breathing treatments.
[post 3 shots]
I tried taking his kids from him today so he could get some rest, (since Randi works on Fridays) but he said they were about to go down for a nap.

I tried.

My brother came up with another one of his wild ideas...
He wants us all to take a trip to San Antonio the first of May.
[When Beckham is just a couple of weeks old.]
Granted, we went to the coast when Maddox was just 3 weeks old-- in July-- but we never even went down to the beach, and we did very little walking.

It is still up for discussion, but I think we are closer to declining the invite rather than accepting.
We will be living on one paycheck at the time-- and it isn't the paycheck we got to live on when Maddox was a baby.
We have saved enough to cover what I would typically bring home-- but a vacation wasn't budgeted into that.

However, I panic a little to know that everyone that is within minutes of me for help, will be out of reach.
(my parents are going with them.)

We are going to some friends of ours tonight for dinner and games.
I am excited.
Candace is one of my favorite people in life.
And her husband makes me laugh.

We make Lance's last truck payment this month.

Ahhhh.... I am thrilled to lose a car payment.

But guess who has new-truck-fever.
The husband.

I have mixed feelings on the matter...
But since I no longer pay our bills-- I am going to stay without an opinion.

We have seen a ton of turkeys lately.

There were probably over 30 in my mom's driveway last Saturday morning.
I was scrambling to get a pic with my phone-- which turned out like crap...
So I was excited when a few others crept up in the woods north of our house.
Maddox wasn't too impressed.

I'm going to miss this little farm house.
And August will be here before we know it.

There is definitely a list of things I will not miss...
But I would not change this opportunity to be out here for anything in the world.

I think its crazy to say, but I think I have found some personal growth out here in the country.
I don't know if it is really the house...
Or if I should thank the cheap payment that came with it,
the fact that I stopped being in charge of our bills while out here(majorly decreasing my stress level),
That I have been pregnant the entire time (in which I am more joyful)
or the bliss that this land (and neighbor) bring my baby boy.

Either way-- I feel like I have let a lot of burdens go over the last 6 months.

I have also started caring less about what others have (that I may want)-- and buried myself more in the beauty that I have in front of me.

That's huge growth for me.

It reminds me of this saying::
“We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”
— Dave Ramsey
(I don't do the Dave Ramsey ways of living.  I just liked the saying.)

Why am I talking about August?
Do you realize April 20th is just a month away?

Good gravy.
This little soul with be here in no time.

I know this, because my boss called me this morning, frustrated that I have booked myself through the 17th-- and she made me cancel my last 2 weekend days.

I think she's being dramatic, I think I'll go late and eventually be induced just like Maddox was, but I minded her anyhow.

She wants me to cancel the entire week before I am due too... but I begged her to leave me on.
(for now at least)
My week off of work before Maddox was born was complete misery.
I like to work.
I'm not a pregnant drama queen...
So let me work, damn it.

Lance has been giving me a hard time about this guy I use to work with over 7 years ago.
He is just kidding really... (because he isn't really the jealous type) but it wears me out, that he thinks I truly did have a crush on him
He was not even my type.

Which got me to thinking...
neither Lance nor I are really each other's type.

I guarantee, if Lance and I were not a couple, the girl that would most likely turn his head-- would not wear a flower in her hair or constantly have make-up on her face.
She would chose Pategona or Mountain Hardware over the frills and sass that I do.
She'd be a little thicker than me too... since he thinks I am the 'most beautiful' when I am pregnant.
She'd probably be a little less outspoken than me.
And she'd definitely be athletic.  

And on the flip-side.
He's not even "my type"
I have always been attracted to guys who are about my size.
Cowboy looking boys (like John Wayne off AI this season)
Or grungy, longer hair (but clean) looking boys who walked straight out of the 70s. (I realize they are complete opposite now that I type it out)
...with white collar jobs.
A hippy who makes 6 digits!!
Get real.

We got eachother.
No body's looking.
But dang, after 9 years he should know my type!!

I started this early today and didn't finish it--
I wanted to add Maddox's video of learning letter sounds here...
But I can't wait for it to upload.

And I wanted to post a before and after of Maddox's hair cut that I gave him today...
(I think I am getting better!)

But since its 1130 and I have to work in the morning bright and early, I'll call it quits here.

However, I will add- tomorrow my mom is meeting me with Maddox and my SIL and her kids at the Etsy show at Will Rogers.
I am extatic about it.
I hope to find Beckham a few sweet things.

Etsy... as a craft show.
Are you understanding my excitement here??

Hopefully I find some great things-- and I will be sure to share in a post!!

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  1. That Dave Ramsey quote is AWESOME! I love it. I also quit caring about what others have or what they think about the things I have. I have learned to love my house, my 9 year old car, my furniture that doesn't really match, etc. I love your outlook and am glad that living in the country has helped you a lot! That is so refreshing to hear.

    The park pictures are fun.

    I hope your brother is recovering!

    have a good week.