Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally he passed a practice test!

Yesterday was another lovely day.
A little windier and a few degrees cooler than my perfect weather... but Lance says it was perfect.  
So I will concur. ;)

We played outside again... for hours!
The boys played soccer, golf, catch, fetch with Toby and they threw rocks in the pond...
Lance said when they were out of rocks he told Maddox it was time to go in, but Maddox said, "that's okay daddy-- we can just sit here a bit longer!"

I sat on the swing and wrote Thank You cards while Maddox ran wild and then we took a stroll to the mailbox.
On the way back from our 1/2 mile long drive way, Maddox stopped-- grabbed his side-- and said, "I have a stitch in my al-bow!" 
(When he can't think of the name of a body part, he calls if his elbow.  or "al-bow"!)

I talked my husband into a trip to Bridgeport for a BLT at Dairy Queen.
I also snacked on some nachos there.
A few of Maddox's french fries.
And a bite or 2 of Lance's tacos.  (yes.  I ate hamburger meat!!!)
And Lance and I shared a small hot fudge sundae.

I picked up some more iron when we were out and about because I have been out for a week and I. Can. Tell.  I'm zonked.

We pulled back home in time for me to change into scrubs and head to the clinic.

Work was easy, we only saw 5 patients.

Call on the other hand was a beast.
It drives nuts how our night at work may or may not depict how slow my evening after work will be.

I was pulled over on the way home.
Going 52 in a 35.
I know it changes there, and typically I am on top of it.
Last night I was on the phone with the mom of a very sick baby and wasn't paying attention like I should have been.
He caught me.
He wasn't the friendliest fella...
But luckily he knew my entire family of police officers-- and maybe he had some professional courtesy for my scrubs or maybe the pregnant tears helped--
Whatever it was, I got off with a written warning.
I was thankful.

The boys were already crawling into bed when I made it home so we couldn't watch our DVR'd American Idol...
I am dying to know who stayed-- But don't tell me.
[My top picks: Lauren, Pia and Haley for the girls.
And: Paul McDonald, Casey and Tim Halperin for the boys.]
A date tonight in front our tv will tell me if America agreed with me!

I still had an hour or so left of call and Lance was recording The first 48 on TV1 so I started a recorded Dr. Phil.  (don't judge)
It was about family secrets.
The first chick was 15 and miscarried her baby at 20 weeks and buried it without anyone knowing...
And the second story was a guy who was a serious sex addict.
Both stories were disturbing, and they made me mad at myself for watching them before bed.

At 3:30 this morning I woke up with severe lower abdominal pain.
All I could think about was that girl from Dr. Phil.
I didn't panic... but I wasn't rational either.

My mind was racing:
I am an hour from my hospital.
I don't want to have my baby at the Decatur hospital.
They don't have a NICU.
I still have a little over 6 weeks left.
I'd need a NICU.
There's no way I can sit in a car like this for an hour to get to Harris.
How do I know if this is or is not contractions?
I'm not nauseous.
Would I be nauseous if this was real labor?
My back doesn't hurt.
Who's up at 3:30 that has had real contractions before that I could ask?
Should I wake up Lance?
[or at least try?]
Do I just need to poop?

Lance's alarm went off at 3:45 and he found me in the restroom upset.
The pains were coming and going, but not like clock work.
It was like cramps.
Really painful cramps.
Lance had stress written all over his face.
He decided he wasn't going to work.
I told him that was rash and we could play it by ear.
I could get it together.

I crawled back in bed a few times, but the pains would come back.
Finally it hit me.
Thank you Dairy Queen.

Lance came running around the corner--
now that I think about it, he may have thought my water broke!
(sorry for the sound-visual.  But its natural. and I'm real.)
It was bad.
But I was thankful.
It put my swirling head to ease.

And finally my tummy joined.

I feel great today.
But Maddox followed suite.

Again, thank you Dairy Queen.

I realize, after posting my last 3 sickness episodes, that it seems like I am getting sick a lot.
But I'm not.
I mean, I guess I have more within the last month, but its just something to document.
Its weird to write about our normal days.
My pregnancy is just easy.
Maddox's life is more fun to archive, since he actually does things.

Sorry Beckham.
Your day will come!

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  1. I was going to write how much I really wanted some DQ right now, then I went on to read the rest of your post and changed my mind! lol. I hate when you eat something really good, but it messes with you! I'm glad you got off with just a warning by the officer!