Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today is March 20th...

The first day of spring...
and the one month mark before Beckham's due date!

I should be creating  list of thing we have to accomplish this week, as we are quickly approaching the end...
But instead I'll catch you up on our weekend!

The Etsy show was a bust.

My SIL and my mom were finished by the time I got off work and didn't think it would be worth my time.

So we had lunch at my favorite bakery.

After lunch, Randi and I went to Marshall's and then walked to Target from there.
We almost peed ourselves from laughter trying to leave.

Apparently this Target has some high-tech buggies... if you get out of the perimeter of its liking, it will shut. your. wagon. DOWN.
I know because I dang-near launched Maddox out of that thing when it took me from strolling along to a dead-stop, without waring, in the center of the intersection.
Randi had her hands full with kids and bags (and trying to cross her legs tight enough to not have an accident on herself, laughing) and my waddling butt was trying to pull stickers and tiny strings out of it tires as if this were the problem.
It wasn't like pushing a buggy who's wheels wouldn't turn (screeching but still moving forward)... it was like trying to push a tank truck.
Thankfully a man came and picked up the buggy and I somehow balanced my case of water, bags, and 2 year old, safely back to the car.

I think you had to be there to experience the true humor of the situation...
Randi and I still get tickled thinking about it!!

Even still, I was able to get Maddox a few (much needed) clothes for warmer weather.
I didn't realize until this week how tall and skinny he had gotten.
I had to buy 3T shorts (that can be girted up on the inside) and 4T shirts.
Our 2T attire, had become close to humorous.

Today I put this shirt on him and he screamed like a girl!

He said, "why is this scary animal on my shirt?!"
After I told him it was just a raccoon, he was cool with it.
Where does he get that drama?  **the writer winks**

Last night, though I was beat, we popped popcorn and went out to check out the uber-bright moon.
Apparently the moon was closer to the Earth than it has been in 2 decades...
We thought we should take a look!

He was impressed by the moon... and the spots on it... but he had a serious argument with Lance when he tried explaining to him that we live on Earth.
"No we don't Daddy, Erf is a planet."
--It was a lost cause.

We crawled into bed rather early for a Saturday night, I slept like a rock, but today I was still exhausted.
I feel like I have said that a lot lately.
I pray that I find energy before our baby boy arrives.
I am useless, and feel like a loser being this tired.
I am so thankful for such a great toddler.
He and I were able to take a nap together, and it sure felt nice!

Lance re-joined the Boyd Fire Department, so he has been stopping by on his way home putting in time as he can.
I am happy for him to being doing something he loves so much.... but in another month-- I may, or may not be so supportive!!

He was on it for over 5 years back in the day, but they just opened the by-laws that you don't have to live within the district to volunteer, so he she he jumped back on the opportunity.
He is actually a licensed fire fighter and EMT-B, but hasn't received payment from a department since he was on with Roanoke about 5 year ago.
He is getting his "fix" and I know he is really enjoying it...
He tells me everyday "thanks for being so understanding an open to this" (as if I tie his to a fence and beat him the other days of his life)
(He's the one in the red suspenders)

After he made it home, we went to mom's for dinner.
Steak, mashed potatoes, buttered noodles, corn, and green beans.
I was most interested in the home-made chocolate-chip pecan cookies she made!

Maddox was most interested in his date with the sidewalk chalk on her patio!
Its time for bed...
I hope everyone had a splendid weekend!
I'm off to read my boy a book and tuck him in with Teddy.


  1. I've experienced the Locked up Target Buggy! I didn't think it was so funny @ the time, but now, its kinda is funny! I guess you won't see a homeless person pushing a fancy Target buggy around town!

    Cori too, is in bigger clothes. My mom and I went a few weekends ago to Target & Kohl's to get her ready for summer and even though she's only 2.5 I bought everything 3T. I probably could have gotten away with 2T but I'm not about putting my precious in a pair of "too small" shorts. I'd rather them be a little big then look like a miniature hooker! LOL She's in size 8 shoe already!

  2. I laughed out loud at "miniature hooker"!!!

    I hear you-- Maddox wears a 9. But he was BORN with mammoth feet... and Lance wears a 13 or 14, so he was destined to have some massive hoofs!

  3. OMG. I laughed about the part where Maddox squealed and was scared about the "scary animal" on his tshirt. That is hilarious. Boyd runs behind the couch if he is watching Dora and the troll comes on! ha.

    That is wild about the Target carts. I'm glad you wrote about that. I had no idea!

    Boyd will be 3 on Sunday. He can still wear his 2T stuff, except he is now needing 3T jeans. I do tend to buy a size larger in tshirts, though, b/c they shrink. At least you'll have lots of fun boy clothes for the new baby, that Maddox once wore.

  4. I love the super-hero look on Maddox. What a cutie!

  5. What a cute picture of your guys in the truck with the sweet!!

    I think it's wonderful that your hubby volunteers at with the fire dept and loves it. I laughed out loud with your tieing him to a fence and beating funny!

    What a sweetie Maddox is...too cute!