Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm on call today.

And it has been pretty good to me.

It is absolutely beautiful outside.
I love. love. love. this time of year.

Maddox slept until his normal 7:30 [which today we called 8:30.]  But just asked for raisins and for his tv on.
He played in his room, took himself potty, and acted perfect until 9:00.  [Today we called 10:00.]
I rested.

I got up and made up biscuits and chocolate gravy (A lifetime favorite of mine!) for him and my sister.
And then we went outside to take advantage of this day.

He's such a sweet little soul.
I love him a million- trillion plus one.

He brought me this beautiful flower:
He said: "its a beautiful flower.  Just like you momma"

Tell me he wont be a great husband one day.
He already gets it!  :)

He couldn't leave Beckham out.
He got a flower too.

(which I have to admit I would rather have shoved into my belly button over the bean burrito he tried to "feed" him a few days ago.)

Last night, someone asked Lance if Maddox was more like him or I.
I honestly had never thought about it so I had to think....
Lance answered immediately, "He's like Holly."
I shot him a glance.  What's that suppose to mean?
Lance said, "I was mean and ornery and didn't care about other people's feelings.  Maddox does.  He is a better kid than I was."

I thought that was nice of my husband to say.
[But I was pretty rotten too.]

Maddox definitely has his Daddy's sence of humor.

Since most of you don't know Lance, I'll explain.
Some days my husband wakes up and decides for the first hour of the day he will only sing his conversations with me... to the tune of a Taylor Swift song, to some Eminem, or whatever else floats his boat.
The majority of our conversations are "what if" scenarios and he thinks things are funny that 89% of the world do not.
He's goofy.
He's strange.
And that is why I love him.

I have never been called anything close to normal myself, so Maddox was destined to be the quirky kid.

Yesterday he yelled, "Happy Anniversary!!!" to me over and over and over and then would laugh like it was the greatest joke ever!
He had the same joke with Lance one night this week except the catch word was "enchilada!"  It got him tickled every time.

Yesterday I told him he could have an icecream if he would count to 10 in Spanish.
Instead he counted backwards to one in English and then said, "that's no Spanish mom!"
He knows how to make us laugh!

Today while acting wild and crazy-- jumping off things and pretending to be a super-hero-- I asked him to calm down.
He didn't so I told him that he was working his way towards a spanking.
He turned to me-- serious as a heart attack-- and said, "you can spank me momma, but you can't take my cape.  It's invisible!"
He had a point.

As smart and sweet and funny that I think he is...
This regression to baby talk is making me want to pull my hair out.

Tell me this is just a phase and that it passes quickly.

Sweet or not-- hearing Maddox call Lance "da-da" rather than Daddy...
Or "juice. juice. juice" rather than, "Hey momma, can I have some juice?"...
Or pretending he doesn't recognize his letters that we have known and plastered to Youtube since he was 20 months old...
-- makes me a bit impatient and flustered.

I hear its normal.
Beckham's throwing him for a loop.

But the more tired he gets, the more 'baby-ish' he acts...
and I find myself acting mean.
And wanting to sedate him into a nap.
And finding his re-set button.

No sedation required... but he threw me a bone.

And I took the opportunity to blog.
To sit.
And enjoy the quiet.

And now that my pot of chicken tortilla soup is finished...
To eat!

[You can find the recipe: here. Its my favorite recipe from my father in law.]

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. UGH with the baby talk!!! Cori is doing this too and I totally ignore her "cuppy.cuppy" until she stops the whining and say's "mommy, can I please have some juice in my cup?" I blame her daycare b/c right now she is the oldest in her class and when I mean oldest....she is older by a year on some of the kids and a 2 year old compared to a 1 year old is a big difference in the talking/vocabulary and behavior. She WHINES and CRIES MUCH MORE NOW, and it Drives.Me.Insane. I too, find myself being mean to her by ignoring her or calling her a baby - I just want her to get the point that if she CAN say a full sentence, that's what she needs to be doing. Oh, and the throwing herself on the floor has got to stop...I'm eventually going to trip as I step over her kicking legs and flailing arms when I try to walk out of the room. REGRESSION SUCKS! LMAO

  2. LOL!!
    I feel better that you are going through it too!!
    I tell him, "I'm sorry, I don't understand one-word sentences... let me know when you can talk like a big boy and we'll figure it out."

    But he doesn't want to be called a big boy- He says, "mom-- I'm not big-- I'm just little!"
    He also doesn't want to be called a baby...
    I guess he is trying to establish his place?!

    I don't care what we call him-- as long as we can lose "dada" from our vocabulary (since we are no longer 6 months old) and can say something other than the same word 3 times in a row when asking for something!!


  3. First off, chocolate gravy and biscuits?! Wish I could hear more about this!

    Such a cute little guy you talk is normal and just a phase. My son is going through a phase of trying to be annoying!

  4. Kerri!
    I'm happy to share...
    My grandma made it for us growing up-- and my mom learned from her-- and now I make it for Maddox!

    1tbsp cocoa
    2tbsp flour
    1/2 cup sugar
    Add 3 or 4 tbsp HOT water to mix into a paste.
    Addn1 1/2 cups milk and bring to a boil while stirring.

    When it is thick, it is done.
    Serve it on hot buttered biscuits!!

    (I didn't say it was healthy... but Brady will thank you!) :)

  5. I was going to ask for the chocolate gravy recipe too. OMG. That sounds so good, as does that tortilla soup!

    Love all of your pictures. We have really been enjoying this weather too, except we've had awful allergies.

    Boyd does that baby talk at times too, and I'm not even expecting another. But I do think it's normal. He seems to do it if we laugh, like he's getting more attention from it or something.

    Maddox bringing you and the baby flowers is so sweet!

    Have a good day.