Thursday, March 31, 2011

I had a great day yesterday!

A great day.

Visited old friends.
Dreamed of the day we can build a house like theirs!

Gorged on my favorite Chinese food in the world and chatted with them over lunch.

Had positive thoughts.
Happy spirit.
Joyful heart.
Blissful day.

We were early to my appointment.
(rather than white-smoking it into the parking lot-- sideways-- wheels screeching-- motor smoking-- taking out pedestrians in wheelchairs-- like we usually are, running behind)
Maddox fell asleep on 20 (maybe 5 or 10 minutes from the office) so Lance decided he and Maddox would wait for me in the car.
As I checked in, I told the receptionist that I needed to set up my sono for next week.  (the computers were down so I couldn't do it at check-out, last appointment, as I was instructed.)

She told me to go ahead and give my urine specimen and the scheduler would call me up in a second to take care of that.

10 or 15 minutes later the sonographer opens the door and calls my name.
Confused, I asked her, "are we doing this today?"
And she said, "I'm just doing what I'm told...."
(the sonographer has the attitude of a tortoise.  Flat.  Dry.  Zero bedside manner.  I deal with it.)
I asked her if I had time to call Lance to come in and she said I could, but she was going to get started.
Luckily he was able to wake Maddox up and book it in, because that chick wasn't waiting!!

Beckham looked good.
Scored an 8 out of 8.  (whatever that means)
Maddox was most impressed by his brother's "xray".

I had her check for a penis again.
'Sonographer-lady' gave me an ugly look... told me that if she told me it was there last time, it would still be there now... said that she is never wrong... (not even 1%, she said)... that she knows the difference between a penis and a labia... but she looked.
And that's all I wanted.
I won.

Its still there.
Beckham is still a 'he'!

And I can not wait to meet him!

Back in Dr. Deem's room, she explained that our little nugget is approximately 7lbs 5oz.
She said Maddox was approximately 7lbs 15oz at his sono... his 38 week sono.
At gaining 0.5-1 ounce a day, these boys are pretty close in size.

Dr. Deem said that a healthy amount of amniotic fluid is somewhere between 5 and 20...
I measured 29.
She said that I should expect a "gusher" when my water breaks...
No trickles--
No, "was- that- my- water- breaking?"
I. will. know.

And apparently that is why this little boy still  moves so much-- he has plenty of room to splish-splash around!

My blood pressure was fab, he was head down, his heart rate was 138 and I had stayed the same on my weight.  (no loss or gain this week)

Apparently she forgot our entire discussion (multiple discussions) about if Bex was Maddox's size, we would induce.
Maddox was 8lb 9oz and 22 1/2" long.
He had the cord wrapped around his neck twice and a 4 minute apnea episode before birth.
His initial apgar was a 5.
A team of professionals worked him over good and within minutes, he was pink and screaming and a beautiful 9.
But we wanted to stay clear of any episodes similar to Maddox's.

Rather than a conversation about induction, she kept saying things like:
"When your water breaks..."
"When you go into labor..."
"Do not go into labor this Friday..."
"Don't try and have him next Tuesday..."

I was dilated a 1.
O. N. E.
And 50% effaced...

She was out of her head!  :)

I told her that I truly do not think my body will go into labor by itself, and after a lot of thinking, I think I would rather set up an induction date.
That way I can plan.

[Here's a look into control-freak-Holly's head::
I really can not have this boy be born before 4/10 (we just have too much to do... Disney on Ice, Work, two sets of weekend call, a wedding shower...) but I really don't want to have him after the 20th either.  --That pushes me into the 41st week... another week that I would not be working-- pushing me another week into maternity leave-- all I can see is the money we would lose.
You see, it's obvious-- She has a 10 day window to make this work!!]  ;)

She didn't think that 'induction talk' was necessary just yet, and told me that if I were still pregnant at my 29 week visit, she would set that up.

I told her that I wanted to do it on my birthday, (the 18th) but her and Lance both thought that was a crazy idea.
I reminded them both that this child would actually be crawling out my vaJJ, therefore, my vote counted the most! ;)
But they both thought that Friday the 22 would be a better option.
(I guess he really would be our Easter surprise!)

We will discuss it again later!

After our appointment, we ran to Sam's Club USA and somehow didn't buy much- and then headed home.

Maddox and I played outside a little before going to mom's for dinner.

I made mom this fruit salsa recipe (from a friend of a friend, named Sarah) for her trip:
[sorry, I didn't think to get a picture!]
1 container of raspberries
1 container of strawberries
2 golden delicious apples
(chop all fruit very fine)
1 TBSP brown sugar
1 TBSP white sugar
2 TBSP fruit preserves

Cut flour tortillas into 8ths (like a pizza)... spray with butter flavored cooking spray-- sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon-- and toast on a cookie sheet.

Promise, it is YUMMM!!!

Today, I am tired --again-- but I have way too much to do today, to let this exhaustion keep me down.

Yesterday was great, I only had one episode of feeling pissed off, but hey!  That's life!
(Lance was just reading over my shoulder and said I had about 4 episodes... jerk!) ;)

I refuse to be sad anymore.
Or emotional.
Or to let other people's negativity effect me.
Or listen to people tell me what I could do for them, as if I am not neglecting my own list of crap.

I was in such a great mood yesterday, happier than I had felt in a week...
and despite exhaustion... a life-long list of chores I hope to accomplish...
I am going to stay that way!!

(or at least try!)
 Now, me and this little guy are headed out for a donut-date with Lance!

Happy Thursday!  :)


  1. Love your post! Is Bex what you are going to call him for short? Super cute!!

    Glad you had a better day - your day is what you make of it! I can't wait to watch Beckham grow on this blog, just like I've watched Maddox these last few years! Geez time has flown by!

    I'm a big planner too - I am terrified of the "GUSH" of my water breaking anywhere but the hospital. I remember thinking that was the grossest thing I had ever endured when they broke my water with Cori. Ick.

    Keep up the positive attitude and keep scratching off that to do list!

  2. I'm SO glad you had a good day. I was happy for you, just reading your post!!!

    I'm in need of some good Chinese food. Where did you eat????

    I am a planner/controller too, and I totally understand! :)

    Super cute pictures of Maddox!

  3. hey there, I wanted to put this on an older post so maybe no one else would see it. email me:
    I am totally fine with you posting that pic of us! :)) I wanted to get your email address and ask you something....

    thanks! :)