Monday, February 28, 2011

What a busy weekend!!

Friday, my mom and I went to Arlington to get another look at our tiny baby boy.

An old neighbor of mine posted on Facebook that one of her offices was needing pregnant volunteers to get a free sonogram so that this office could complete their ACR training.

I took her up on the offer.

I was hoping that it would be a 4D, or at least get a ton of pictures...
but it was more of a diagnostic sono.

The sonographer was so sweet and she talked to me the whole time.
It was sweet watching our little guy drink and move.
I was glad my mom got to see him.

She said I transmitted sound really well so she looked him over from head to toe, for quite a while-- getting tons of pics for her certification.

She said I was having contractions all during the sonogram... but I couldn't feel them.
(so maybe I actually did have a few during Maddox's pregnancy-- even though I never felt a-one!)
That hard flat table, on the other hand... I felt it!

We only got 2 pictures... neither very clear.
But it was still fun, nonetheless.

That night Lance and I met some of our favorite friends [Wendy and Mark] for dinner at a new taco place in Decatur and then went back to her house for a last minute spray tan!

We laughed a lot.
It made me thankful that Lance is on days now--
I missed nights like those!

Saturday, We had prenatal pictures with Candi Coated Photography.
I don't want to sound boastful, but seriously-- they are so goooooood.  :)
I can not wait to see all that she was able to come up with... because of the ones she has shown me thus far-- I am in love!!
She is seriously amazing.  And incredibly sweet. (Like so sweet and easy to talk to that I forgot it was our first time to meet.  She felt like an old friend!)

She posted a couple here: Get Coated
And I think I can share this link, with a few others: maybe??
If not... she thinks she will have them all done and mailed out by the end of this week-- so I will share then!!

But here's the funny thing:
Candi and Lance went to school together-- but had probably not talked/ seen/ thought about each other in 10 years.
Flash forward::
A few years ago, Lance and I went into this furniture store to buy a desk.
The sales-guy was very nice and gave us a really good deal.
Then his wife happened to roll into the store, and started talking to us as if we already knew her (but we didn't).
Come to find out... they went to church with Candi, and Candi had found my Myspace (back when I had one) through Lance's page and would read my blog on there!
She had shown them our wedding pics-- and they ended up using our friend Wesley to do their wedding because they like our pics!
And at their wedding Candi met Wesley and decided she wanted to go into photography!!

...And there's the full circle!  ;)

I already can't wait for future sessions!
Check her out if you are in the area!

Sunday was our baby shower!
I feel blessed beyond words to all of the people who came and blessed our sweet boy with gifts!
I love everything we got...
I am truly thankful.

I can not wait to unpack and organize.  (Its all in my living room floor right now!)
I am tickled to my core to the 4 girls who threw me the shower for my double jogging stroller!

Today I had my 33 week appointment.
(It was suppose to be last Wednesday but they had to move me to today-- so I am off)
I had lost a pound.
Beckham's heart rate was 130.
My blood pressure was great.
I actually had questions for the first time this pregnancy-- only to find out those localized pains I have had were just contractions.
And as long as they aren't consistent, and as long as they go away (even if they are painful) then we don't have to worry.
So I won't!

I go again next Wednesday to get back on track.

I can not believe we only have 7 weeks left.
Absolutely nuts.


  1. Update:
    I just made it home from work to find that not only had my husband cleaned up the house-- he also stacked all of the presents in the back den so that I can organize easier!!
    Yay.. and HUGE thank you!

  2. confession: I used to stalk you WAY back in the day when you were prego with Maddox - I too, came across you on myspace from Kristen's page. Your page was open so I looked often to see new pics and things you wrote...I was a little upset when you went private, but then Kristen (after I confessed to her that I stalked you) told me about your blog....and here I am!! =) creepy huh? I just love reading about you & keeping up with your family! You are so vintage and so unique...I love it. I feel like you and I are friends too, and we've never met.

  3. LOL Casey!!
    Not creepy at all... I feel honored!! :)

    I have a few friends who use to read it and I didn't know them until they confessed!!

    I think more people probably read it back then-- it was probably easier since people were already logged on and didn't have to go to a whole new site altogether...

    I mean, heck-- My grandma just told me that she doesn't read it anymore because it takes too long to load--


  4. OMG, that cake is ADORABLE. I love it. I looked at your prenatal pictures too.....they are BEAUTIFUL! I love them. What wonderful memories you will always have with them. :)