Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February SNOW.

Yesterday morning we woke up at 3:45, so I could watch the news and Lance could get in the shower and get ready for work.
I had gone to bed somewhere around midnight after being on call until 11:00.
And then up at around 3:00 watching sleet hit the wall of windows in our house.
I was tired, but too worried about Lance's 54 mile drive to work.
Lance attempted the drive in but his visibility was about 2 feet and he was only able to make it a few miles from our house before he realized it was a lost cause.
He ended up turning around and coming home.

So we played.

And we played...

And we played...

Lance drove me around so I could take pictures, and every time I rolled down my window to grab a shot-- Maddox stuck his tongue out from the back seat.

He said he was catching snow flakes on his tongue...
An that they tasted like the ocean!!
...That boy!

I can not remember a time that we have seen this low of temperatures...
and the snow was more like powder, rather than the wet stuff we typically get.
There was no snow mans built...
But lots of snow balls being thrown.

We put together puzzles at my moms, ate chicken and dumplings and sat by the fire, enjoying our day together.
Last night we went back home and our house was freezing.
We cranked the heater, threw the heating blanket on the bed and set the faucets to a steady drip.

This morning we woke up and the heater was still roaring strong but it was a toasty 59 degrees in our house!
The faucet was no longer dripping water but we had a nice big snow cone of slush in the bottom of the sink.

I put my feet on the hard wood floors and realized real quick, I was heading back to my moms!!

Lance agreed that was best and told me to get dressed.
After putting on a sweatshirt, and it fitting like a youth small, I went into hormone take-over.
I was done with the snow.
I was done.

Lance wanted to help me feel better-- and asked what he could do to help.
Without even thinking, my mouth said, "I need donuts!"

And my sweet husband fulfilled my request!

We spent today here:
With a roaring fire.
A 3 hour nap.
Chocolate chip cookies.
And mom's cooking.

I will not being going home tonight.


  1. Your mom's house is GORGEOUS! I'm glad you had good food, a nap, and warmth!

    Love all of your pictures. Maddox's doggy hat is adorable. I wanted to drive around and take snow pictures too, but our neighborhood is a solid sheet of ice still. bummer.

  2. Looks like a wonderful time was had in the snow!!

  3. I agree with Lance love the pic of the oil well.