Friday, February 18, 2011

We're getting there!

I have never had problems sleeping.
As a matter of fact, I consider it a favorite past time of mine!!

I worried when I was pregnant with Maddox, about giving up my sleep...
But I lucked out with a child who loves him some sleep as much as his mommy!

And now there's Beckham, and this child is not a fan.

Lance gets up between 3:45 and 4:00... and though he tries to be quiet, he wakes me.
And once I am awake, Beckham goes to karate practice.
And I am up.
Maddox was a roller and gentle kicker...
Beckham is an acrobat!

....and that's why I am blogging at 6:00am!

We are 31 weeks now.
Time is flying by.

I would be lying if I told you that I was ready for his arrival.
I am terrified.

I mean I am ready to hold a tiny baby...
kiss his sweet puckered lips...
and pat his diapered hiney-- pooched straight to the sky, legs tucked under himself.

I am excited to breast feed again,
and smell that newborn smell, that they loose so quickly.

But I am not ready, however, to stare at a bassinet all night long, terrified he may stop breathing.
Wake up every 2 hours.
And chase a 2 year old under complete exhaustion.

It just feels like two will be so much more difficult than one.
And I am okay (at this point) if the next 9 weeks drag a little!

For the 1st year of Maddox's life, Lance worked from home.
I always had 4 hands, I never went anywhere without him.
I don't think I carried his infant carrier more than a handful of times, ever.
Lance woke up with me at almost every feed, even though I breastfed.
To burp and hold him while I switched sides.
And he rocked him to sleep every night while I went on to bed.

I was a very lucky girl.

This time it will be so different.
And different is terrifying to me!

Tuesday night I stayed home from work.
My allergies had me drowning and I was more tired than I think I had been in years.
I had a few Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day. (something completely new to me this pregnancy) and I just wanted rest.
So with some encouragement from my husband, I had a friend cover my shift.

My sweet baby boy knew that I was not feeling the best, and sang me this sweet song.
Isn't he the greatest?!

That night, Lance and I went to bed and I could not get comfortable.
I felt bad because Lance had to get up for a school on gangs and whatnot that next morning, but I could not stay still.

Around 4:00am I was awoken with a horrible pain in my right lower side.
It was a pain I recognized-- something that has happened to me 2 or 3 other times in the last few weeks-- but the other times have always been on my left upper side.
This pain, has to be nerve related, because though my stomach gets tight like a Braxton Hicks-- it is localized to a small specific area and hurts.
It even hurts to touch my skin or move when it happens.
It's very strange.
(and on my list of questions for my next OB visit.)

Without thinking, I shrieked out in my sleep!!
Lance jumped up and said, "what's wrong?!"
I responded almost in tears, telling him I was having one of those pains in my stomach and couldn't move.
He, obviously still asleep, responded with, "don't do that to me babe-- I thought I had over-slept!!"
And rolled back over.

If I could have moved, I would have knocked his head off!!

We laughed about it the next day-- but I now am hoping I am just past-due and induced again.
I don't think we are ready for "labor" at home.

It might cause us to over-sleep!  ;)


  1. yeah I fear for having two, too. Its going to be different, that's for sure. I still plan to take Cori to daycare while I am on maternity leave. That will give me a little break from chasing the 2 year old around, and I'd like the same alone time with he new baby as I had with her. Besides, it will keep her in her routine....I like routine. This time next year we won't remember what its like to only have 1 kid. It will be great and we'll have DOUBLE the cute singing video's! Get those pains checked out sooner than later - I'd hate for it to be serious and you end up on bed rest over it!

  2. Holly... I needed a laugh this morning!! Love you! If ya need anything shoot me a text. We need to get together soon.. miss you!