Monday, February 21, 2011

Too early to nest?

I spent Saturday night in a bath of hot water, legs cramping and my left arm numb.
Somewhere during that bath, my stomach started cramping and hurting and then without notice, I was hurling from the bathtub to the toilet.

My sister had stayed the night with us, and despite calling out for help-- no one came.
No one awoke.
Snoring from all ends of the house...
Peaceful, painless sleep--  from everyone but me.

Thankfully this was not labor...
We still have 8 weeks (give or take)

But practice proves failure in this house!

I woke up Sunday covered in pee.

I forgot to take Maddox to the potty before bed, and I knew the inevitable was going to happen.  (In our bed)
He made it to 7:30 before the mess was made... but this was only his 2nd time to wet the bed since we started underwear-at-night about a month ago, so I think he's done really well.

Despite the mess, I also woke up with a bound of energy that I have not seen in, well, 8 months or so!

I started in Maddox's room with a trash bag.
I removed every broken toy, every toy with multiple parts, every toy from a kid's meal, every flash card, and anything else that tickled my fancy.

I organized his toys into bins: balls/ sports stuff, music/ instrument stuff, cars/ planes/ tractors/ trains/ automobiles, and then miscellaneous.

It felt so good I kept going.

By the time Lance made it home I was deep within my nesting/ spring cleaning-- there was no stopping me.

He threw up an idea about going to the range to shoot-- and I was fine with that.
"--If you aren't feeling my mojo, get out of my way!!"

But his guilt overtook and he stayed to help.

He cleaned up outside, and together we changed the kitchen sink.

I nudged the process onto his plate...
and 2 minutes into it, he was saying bad words and talking about how old and pitiful this house was, etc...
Basically, he couldn't fit up under the cabinet to get the piece he needed-- so his efforts were getting him no where.

...So I crawled under there.
Belly and all.
And I rocked that sink!  ;)

I am creative.
I love to be artsy/ or crafty...
But Mr. Fix It.... not so much.

However, you can add it to my resume--
We got it done!!

I tried to talk Lance into a picture for the blog baby book...
But he declined out of embarrassment!

It felt so good to do the dishes with water pressure stronger than I can spit.
Call was fabulous yesterday.
And going to bed in clean sheets and an organized house,
was absolutely incredible!

Today the energy is gone.
I knew it would be.
I have taken a bath, made breakfast and lunch, put dinner in the crockpot, and washed Maddox's sheets and blankets. (from a jellied biscuit accident, not urine this time)... but other than that-- today, I have sat.

And I'm cool with that.

....Until the next time!


  1. I did that a few weekends ago. Took ALL things off the walls in the room that used to be Cori's - and all things "Cori" were removed from the room and closet. I moved all the stuff in the "keep" pile to her new room and hung stuff on the walls and organized her clothes. It is on my list to go through her toys and winter clothes. I cleaned up her room yesterday and found about 100 puzzle pieces that will never make a complete puzzle and in stead of throwing them out, I put them in a bin. I will eventually clean her room out, before baby comes. In fact - my neighborhood is hosting a neighborhood wide garage sale in April and I have big plans for that day! If this is a boy, we have a TON of girl clothes to put out and sell in hopes to make $ for some boy clothes! Cori's old room is now ready and empty waiting for baby brother or sister. If its a boy, we will paint, if its a girl, the purple and green will just have to work somehow...I'll find something cute to match. James is refusing to allow me to get creative in that room (Mostly because it starts as my idea, and turns into him doing it =)Nesting is so much fun! I've got to eventually get to the rest of our house though....I need a dumpster bin in my driveway...I've got a lot of junk that can be thrown out!

  2. I'm sorry you were so sick. It sounds like you really had it bad! I can totally understand the nesting. It's a wonderful and comforting feeling, but I'm sure you are worn out now! Get some rest. :))

  3. Sounds like you are nesting! Have fun with that and rest. If my sweet pooch peed on me...he'd be on the floor quickly. You are patient and kind ....all the attributes of a good mother!