Saturday, February 5, 2011

What else is there to talk about...

More snow!!!

I think I am the only person who hasn't minded all of this weather.
I have enjoyed being trapped in with all the help I could ask for, with no agenda, with tons of food, and no way to spend unneeded money!

I still took call from home, and it was busy.
My family might be one of the loudest families God ever created so that did make it difficult at times.  If I did the 'wave- my- hands- as-if- I- were- warning- someone- they- were- about- to- be- hit- by- a- bus' motion once, I did it a million times.  I also kept doing the 'big- eyed- firm- snap' at them too... but it got me no where.  My mom kept saying, "Go in another room!!" (in which I did) but my point was this:  If I can train a 2 year old to hush when I am on the phone with a patient... why can't a group of adults talk in their inside voices by the same rule?
I got through it.  Call wasn't horrible.  I made the same amount of money that I would have if we had been open for night clinic, I just didn't have a gas bill to go along with it!

Maddox is 15 days strong in the potty training department... still waking up dry (I think 11 consecutive mornings now), and no accidents during the day.
He's a pro!

I have ate better this week than I have in years... home cooked breakfasts, lunches and dinners-- with mom's homemade hot sauce and a Sam's club size container of cookie dough to bake cookies out of.
I'll see the damage next week at my 30 week appointment-- but for now, who cares?!

Maddox woke up with a new saying this morning: Oh my gosh!!  Are you serious?!
It was funny the first few times, but now I am kind of over it.

My FB is full of people hating their lives right now!
I made a post about how I am enjoying all of this time and then hoped later I didn't offend anyone.
I know that if we had been back in Haslet-- Lance making it in to work everyday and my mom 30 miles away-- I too, would have been going nuts!  I am a home-body, but I hate being alone.  (Maddox doesn't count)

Five days of snow on the ground is uncomprehendable in Texas!
I posted Day 1 in pictures...
I thought I would catch you up on day 2 through 5.

Day 2 and 3 we stayed in pjs all day-- looked pitiful, played cards, and attempted this puzzle (which still isn't completely finished)...

Day 4 brought more snow.
Pop made Maddox a sled out of a box and rope and the boys took turns dragging him around.
So we ventured out to play.

The sled finally gave way, but the boy's wheels kept turning...
Soon, the knee board was out of the boat and being pulled behind the truck.
It sounds way more dangerous than it really was.

We (as in all people under 40 and not pregnant) had a blast riding!
Us old and knocked up folks had just as much fun taking pictures and listening to shrieks of giggling!

Every time someone would get off the knee board, Maddox would race to get on for his turn.
Finally his daddy took him for a very slow ride.
He never stopped smiling.

Last night, as we were about to start yet another round of Spades, my brother called from work.
Randi was at home with the kids and water was gushing everywhere.
Lance, David and Jesse hopped in the truck and headed over.
They got the water shut off and headed back in.
On their way back, they decided to stop by our house and check our pipes as well.
David said kitty-baby (the cat we inherited with the farm house) came swimming by in floaties!
We too had a water line break.

Lance grabbed us clothes and back to mom's we went.

My husband can be called a lot of things...
but handy man is not something he would put on his resume.
My brother is getting his fixed now and then our friend Buster is coming out and hopefully he and my brother will have ours working again by tonight.

Notice the lack of panic on my part!
All because my mom is my neighbor, and going home fixes everything.
Our propane went out:: I went to mom's.
Our water lines busted:: I went to mom's.
My sweatshirt shrunk to a 2T (or maybe my body swelled to an XXL):: I went to mom's.

Day 5 is today.
I woke up this morning and "mom's" is empty.
Now I am starting to panic.
I have no car here.
And a 2 year old is where I will get my best source of conversation.
I'm ready to get out of this house!!
I told you I am a homebody as long as I am not alone.
I am alone.

The snow on the ground is finally starting to melt.
Lance made it in to work today.

I traded my Saturday for a Sunday in the office in hopes to miss all of this frozen precipitation.
So I hope it is all gone by 7:00 in the morning.
(Although I have no shame in calling in if it is still slick...)
I live a million miles away, I haven't called in- in well over a year and I am 7 months pregnant for Pete's sake.

Here's to hoping!

Happy Saturday, y'all!!


  1. GREAT PICS!! I feel the same way about the weather. I loved it the first day because that meant no work but day 2 we didnt have water. My feelings quickly changed. This week will definitely make a good blog post for me. Which will have to wait till Monday. We too got a boogie board out and an old piece of carpet and Jess drug us around with the 4 wheeler. It was a blast! We are going into town today. I gotta get out of this house!

  2. Love the box turned into a resouceful! You've got some awesome pictures in this bunch!!

  3. I LOVE all of your snow pictures. You have the most beautiful piece of land to capture them on. There is Maddox with his cute sock monkey it on him! :))

    Hope you got your water issues fixed!