Monday, February 7, 2011

No change.

I am still stuck at mom's...
Still without water.

Even though we are neighbors... the acreage between us means I have high-speed, normal-people internet.
They don't.
I have been using their air-card...
but for whatever reason, I can't comment back on your blogs.
I am reading.  :)
...And commenting in my head!

As for the water situation:
I am not complaining about being at my mom's... honestly I think I am the last person bothered by the water mess or living situation.

But I know Lance is overwhelmed.  (The text about the house being on fire kind of gave me the hint)
And even though my mom says she doesn't mind us here.... I have known her for almost 27 years...  she's starting to mind.

Our landlord is like 80 and tight, tight, tight.
She has not called a plumber to fix the problem, nor has she taken any initiative to do so.
If she were a random 40 year old man, I would be going hormone-crazy on her at this point.
But for some reason, I feel like I would be out of line complaining since she's old.

The crawl space under this million year old house is also tight.
Tight, tight, tight. ::but literally not metaphorically.
And my husband is shaped more like an apple rather than a banana.
As is my dad.

We have a skinny friend, who will hopefully help fix the bust tonight...
but this hardly seems like this should be our issue-- since we are renters.
We need water.
And my mom needs her house back.
I guess we will make the fixing our issue.

Stay tuned.


  1. I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this mess. I bet you a cherry pop tart that as soon as you get back home your mom is going to be missing you and Maddox like crazy.

  2. Hopefully you are back in your house by now. 80 or not...she needs to find someone to take care of the problem. And if she doesn't, I would be deducting it from the rent.
    Hope you're back on here soon!