Monday, January 31, 2011

Random updates:

Let me apologize in advance... this blog is going to be all over the place.

Crazy Texas Weather.
Remember that 80 degree weather we had last week?

Well, it is gone now.
In a big way.
We are predicted to get snow tomorrow.
And wind chills down to -10 degrees!
Only in Texas, can temperatures change so drastically within hours!
I went to my mom's house for dinner last night in a dress and flip flops,  and left a few hours later bundled up in coat.

Though last week brought a few beautiful days, I am still miserable in its aftermath.
I hope the freeze kills whatever pollen is making my eyes feel like itchy razor blades and stops my sneezy-sneezies.  (Maddox's words, not mine)

And I hope my husband can fix the propane fireplaces, (which decided to go out today) because I think we are going to need them!

Are you ready for some football??
Wednesday evening, the hubster and I were going to have a date in Sundance square.
Dinner and football.
He has been talking for months about how ESPN is broadcasting from Fort Worth and he wanted to go take part in that and see all of the Superbowl hoopla--
We aren't super-huge fans of either team playing, but the Superbowl doesn't come to your hometown every day either, so we wanted to take part in a little bit of the excitement!
(Not to mention my husband is a bit of a sports freak, in general!)
With negative wind-chills, I think we are going to have to cancel.
He might want to be hard-core and still go... but he will have to find another date to ride along!
I am not well equipped for freezing temps.

3:45 comes early.
We are truly enjoying Lance's new schedule.
We feel like normal families now who eat dinner together, watch tv together, and play together before bed.
(even though by about 6:00, Dad's a bust!)
He gets off work at 2:00 so we have plenty of time to do all of the above every day before settling down for some Wheel of Fortune!.
To complain about any of this is a bit dramatic, but with Lance's new wake up time (of 3:45am) comes a bed time of around 9:00 or so.

And an early wake up time of 7:00am, by my child.

I am not  morning person.
At all.
Maddox (and his parents) have always slept somewhere between 9:00 and 10:30.
So for 2 1/2 years, I have been spoiled to this unorthodox schedule.

Lance worked nights.
As did I.
Though I only go in to work 3 nights a week, there are other nights during the week that I am on call until 11:00 and am up entering calls into the system until midnight or so...
and Maddox adapted to our schedules.

So this 7:00 craziness feels sooooooo early to me.
I know its a better schedule for him.
And good preparation for baby Beckham.
But it is still hard for me to adapt to.  (since my schedule did not change at all)
I am tired.
I should be napping with my boy now.

Potty planner.
Maddox has now been in underwear for 10 days!

His last accident was at Babies R Us, last Wednesday.
He has even woke up dry the last 4 mornings!!!
I don't know when most people get rid of the nightly pull-up, but I think we may be close?!
Or maybe not?!
Again, I don't know the rules 'al 'la pullups!

He doesn't ask for a sticker or M&M anymore, its just what we do.
We go potty.
We praise a little.
Then we go back to playing.
If he poops, he does usually tell me that we need to call Gigi and tell her about it, but other than that-- he acts as if he's an old pro.

This has been a way easier experience than I ever anticipated.
[Thanks again, mom!]

Tri-lingual ?
Maddox occasionally talks in Chinese.
It is usually one of 3 phrases...
It weirds me out a little but Lance thinks its hilarious.
We were never sure what he was saying, we just hoped to Nick Jr. that we weren't being cursed at!

A week ago or so, my husband's friend (who, apparently worked in a Chinese restaurant for 3 years in HS) came over.  Like a weird-o, Maddox shouted out some Kai Lan as a greeting, rather than the traditional English hello.
My husband's friend, without ever missing a beat, responded back in Chinese.
It was funny and awkward all at the same time.
But for the first time, we were assured that Maddox was just talking some friendly Chinese, and we didn't have to sedate him before our next dinner at Golden Moon!

He now has moved on to Spanish.
I don't know that he has said any Spanish phrases yet...
But randomly he will call something its Spanish name.

A week or so ago, he was sitting in Lance's lap and grabbed his hand.
He counted out all five fingers in spanish, perfectly, as if it was something we had been working on.
So now we are working on 6-10.  Why not?
Thanks Dora.

Maybe we watch too much Nick Jr.?

Getting closer...
Next week I start my bi-monthly OB appointments.
I'll be thirty weeks on Monday.
This process is flying by.

Hobby Lobby already has their Easter stuff out!!
...meaning its almost April. 
[I do realize they put their Christmas stuff out in July.  But still.]

I have my maternity pictures scheduled for February 12th.
And my sweet friends are throwing me a shower on February 27th.

Then its March.

See?!  April 20th will be here before we know it.
I hope we are ready!

[insert a level of anxiety here]

Something besides pop-tarts and super donuts!
I finally have a healthy craving.
Meet my salad.
[I may or may not have had a cherry pop tart along with it]

For now...
I am done.
The husband  is home and dinner is just about finished in the crock pot.
I am praying that I have a mild night at night clinic.
But seeing that Flu season is here... that's an empty hope!


  1. Too Much Nick Jr.? No way! If he is learning and repeating what he's learning then what could be wrong with it!?!? Cori is a Nick Jr. freak too!! April will be here before you know it and how exciting! I find out in 3 weeks 2 days what our #2 is!

  2. The salad looks delicious! I've been trying to eat healthier, but it's hard. Allergies have been killing us too, so I can totally sympathize with you. It's miserable! That is so great that Maddox hasn't had any more accidents. Maybe your mom can potty train Boyd for me! :) I think about doing it everyday, but then I get lazy. I know Boyd is ready, I'm just not.

    Have fun in Sundance Square tomorrow. I was thinking of taking Boyd during the day one day this week, but not in this weather. I bet it's a big party down there right now though! :)

  3. ps. LOVE that first snapshot of the trees!