Monday, January 24, 2011

And the nominees are....

Kerri at The Pleasures of my Life nominated me for maybe my first award ever!!  ;)
I followed Kerri anonymously for a while, and finally spoke up and commented on a blog about shoes for her son!
There are a few blogs that I get excited when I see that they have a new post and she is one of those on my list!!
She is ridiculously creative... organized... and has an adorable little tennis-playing boy!
Check her out!!
(Thanks for the award Kerri!-- I think I may have shrieked out loud when I read my name!)  ;)

The rules for this award are simple:

  • Post and link back to the person who awarded you this award! (see above)
  • Share 7 things about yourself!
  • Award 5 bloggers who have "Stylish" blogs!
About me:
  1. I try very hard to be stylish.  (On a budget)  I think that even if I were a millionaire, I would still shop for  the deal!  I have a few friends that make fun of me for this but the majority of them want my tips!!  As for my put-together-package of style: My friends are great to compliment me, come to me for my opinion on their outfits and make me feel like I do a decent job in this department...   However the men in my life do not.  Lance tells me he loves me a million times a day-- he laughs with me-- and chats with me like best friends do... but he never, I tell you never compliments me.  Its a 9 year joke between us.  (apparently he "is always thinking it, just doesn't think to say it")  Yesterday, I wore this new top>>   Maddox told me that I needed a haircut and said I looked like a square!!  But he went on to say he, "loves squares!"  ...There he goes with those back-handed compliments again!!!  :)  Thanks son... I think?!
  2. I love photography.  I could look through pictures for hours!  I have a relatively nice camera and 3 different lenses, and had plans to master the art of photography myself.  I wanted this camera for a long time and even got up at 4:00am to fight the Black Friday crazies to get it for Christmas 2009. I love- love- love taking pictures... but I am not good at it, at all.  I don't know the rules of photography.  I over-artsy- edit every picture I take...  I yearn to be better.  I just need me-time!  I have thousands and thousands of pictures saved that I have taken, and I have literally printed off less than 10.  True story.  When we move back to Haslet, I have big plans to cover an entire wall in my living room with my favorite black and whites. 
  3. I am 28 weeks pregnant [as of today] with our second son.  When not pregnant, I am a highly emotional person.  I cry alot.  I laugh a lot. I am extremely anxious.  I have never been on any type of mood-stimulant, but I assume that pregnancy for me -is like Wellbutrin for the rest of the world.  I honestly asked my OBGYN after giving birth to Maddox if I could get on the HCG shot (the hormone your body produces when you are pregnant) so that I could continue feeling this sane.  She wouldn't do it!  But again, I am enjoying my plateau of emotions-- I have less than 3 months left, and I will be a nut again, I am sure!! This pregnancy is flying by!  I love being a momma and growing kids in my belly might just be a favorite past time of mine!  Baby Beckham is quite the mover.  Maddox was never this busy in the belly.  I wonder if this will carry over into childhood?  Maddox is boy to his soul and is busy even when he is sleeping-- so if Beckham tops that... we might be in trouble!
  4. I am a pretty picky eater.  I very easily could be a vegetarian-- or better yet-- a soup-only-eater.  And my husband is a meat and potatoes type of boy.  It makes dinner interesting...   I do not eat ground beef.  (Or anything ground for that matter.)  So when I see a recipe that looks yum, but is made with ground meat... I automatically try and think of a way to bring it to my table.  I usually give up and resort back to the same-ol, same-ols!!
  5. I am not an animal person.  Which isn't fair.  I loved my little 3 lb Macy-dog.  So much that I have a hard time looking at pictures of her.  I just don't think I ever want to get close to something that is guaranteed to die before I do.  I think it is like setting myself up to failure.  
  6. I rarely check the voicemail on my phone.  I usually wait until there are about 8 or so on there and then I delete them all at once.  Remember that in case you leave something important on my voicemail... I am not ignoring you--- I am ignoring everyone!
  7. I love decaf sweet tea.  I love make-up.  I love fall.  I love summer days at the lake.  I will take a fun-filled day with my family over a date night, any day.  I have extra-large tonsils.  I over-use chapstick.  I love being a nurse.  I don't have any tattoos, and the only thing I have ever pierced on my body is my ears. I am sarcastic and silly.  I love my friends.  I am fat as a toad right now and am praying that breast feeding alone does the trick again, because I do not work out.  I love to compliment strangers and hate to think I have upset someone.  I am not a drinker (at all) but I have craved some red wine or a Joe Ts margarita this entire pregnancy.  I enjoy life and love love love my family, as nuts as they all are!!  I am random.  And am a blogger addict!!
Now on to nominations:

I follow more people anonymously than I do openly-- which I guess makes me a creep!
Until opening up to Kerri, I really didn't understand how people meet other bloggers... I am still getting there!
I hope it is okay to pass the nominations on to people that I don't really even know-- but here goes!!
Here are a few that I get excited to see them pop up on my wall:

  • Kristen at Vest Chapters, a good friend of mine-- and a mommy of 2 beautiful girls.  (We met as young married couples... got pregnant together... and shared many emotions of life and parenting with eachother as we open each chapter in our books of life.)  She is who got me in to blogging.  Her photography is awesome! Check her out!
  • Nicolle at Boyds Crazy Mama, a new friend that found me through Kerri!  She too is an awesome photographer and is awesome at telling her story!  Her little boy Boyd, and Maddox are very close in age so it is easy for me to relate to her posts!
  • Amy at High Strung Musings, my history teacher from high school.  She is brand new to blogging but is working it out!  I am anxious to follow her journey as a blogger-friend, rather than a student!
  • Jill at Kenny and Jill, I am a silent stalker so she doesn't know that I secretly yearn to be like her!!  I LOVED her maternity pics and if I were trendy and whimsical like her, I would attempt some of her shots with my prenatal session in a few weeks-- but I'm not.  So I'll just gaze at her's, and pretend!  :)
  • Heather at The World of Williams.  Again, another blog that I quietly follow.  We are both pregnant right now with little boys, so for that, I feel like I can relate to her.  She too, is an amazing photographer-- I honestly just wish she posted more!! 


    1. woohoo! I'm nominated! I have become addicted to this blogger world lately. Maybe it's because I'm cramped in this tiny apt? I don't know--- either way, my camera is ALWAYS handy now (even more so than before). It's fun---- I thinly you need to participate in some contests/challenges! <---that website is great! I know Ashley from a photography forum and she has really done well with her blog. She lists a ton of photography challenges. It will help you out with your camera! Gives you neat things to take pictures of....

      **sure glad we got that glitch worked out and you can see my posts now.... I was feeling so sad!!! haha **

    2. Thank you for nominating me. I have a couple more awards I need to blog about. I'm awful at doing these though, so please don't hate me if it takes me a while to post it! :)

      It was fun reading more about you. I love photography, need to learn so much more, and like you, have only printed a tiny fraction of what I have on my hard drive. That is my goal this year, to get them organized. Oh, and I'm a blog addict as well!

    3. Way to go Holly! Your blog is great and very creative and I want to cheat off of it ALL the time!

    4. Ahhhh... Thank you so much...the pressure, the pressure. Just kidding. I have loved watching your family grow and your honesty about what being a wife/mother/daughter is all about. I will get right to work on this

    5. LOL @ Kim. I always want to cheat/copy other people's blogs too. If someone can give me a good idea to blog about I have no problem...its knowing whats a good topic that's my problem!!

      Nice blog Holly!!

    6. Holly you are so kind!!
      What a great list!
      It's great to get to know you better!
      I can't believe you're 28 belly is bigger than yours after a good meal! :)
      I'm not an animal person family thinks I'm allergic! Shhhhh!

    7. Aww...Thanks! I'm glad you introduced yourself; you're one hot-mama-to-be! (And for the second (third?) time aparently.)

      It was fun to read a bit about you and look forward to more posts. And DO try to get some maternity photos! When else can a girl be even more beautiful while packing on the lbs? It's the best time. Ever.

      (I'll let Heather know she was lucky enough to be nominated, too! Thanks again!)