Wednesday, January 12, 2011

12 on 12

I follow a blog who did this on the 10th. (10 on 10)
And I thought it was such a cool idea!!

Apparently other bloggers do this (on the 10th) but I have never seen it before.
I wanted to join in on the fun but I knew that if I waited until next month, 
it would be a long lost idea!

"The object is to take a picture for ten twelve consecutive hours on the tenth twelfth of the month.
The purpose is to find the beauty in ordinary moments in our life."

So here we go!
(my pictures were taken within the hour rather than on it, starting around 9ish-- with my phone) 

Oatmeal, jellied toast, a banana, and of course-- chocolate milk.

Playing around:
in his monkey hat

Bath time:
but mostly play!

Nap time:
on the way to Dr Deem's office

 Drinking my glucose:
for my 26 week appointment.
[In a pair of glasses that my husband and mom absolutely hate!]
I had gained another 7lbs (I gained 8 at this one with Maddox)
...bringing my total weight gain to 19lbs. 
(the EXACT same total weight gain at this point with Maddox)
Lets cross our fingers that I only gain 5 more and then lose 4 before birth just like I did with Maddox too!
...Or I'll gain another 19-- who knows!!! 
My blood pressure was perfect and my baby's heart rate was 142.

at Chilis
Maddox woke up after my appointment and the first thing out of his mouth was 
"Chili's is my favorite!"
He kind of trumped my craving for a Potbellies sandwich or Mimi's quiche and buttermilk spiced muffin.

There was a line going out the door and along the sidewalk in the freezing temperatures.
Apparently the TX Rangers were there signing autographs.
I was thankful that Maddox is only 2 and couldn't ask to wait in that line.
(just yet anyway!)
This is a picture of "Handy Manny and his gril", and where they waited while mommy pottied!

 Radio Shack:
Where I (once again) traded in my old Iphones for credit!
Last time I went in to make the trade, I was on call that night.  I found out that I could only buy a new phone through our government agent so I would have had to drive an hour home, find a phone that worked well enough to use that night-- and for the next 3-5 days-- until my new phone came in the mail.
So I had them refund me, and I went home.
Today, he originally gave me $160 for both (just like the other man did last time) and then a "helpful" co-worker decided that it fell into another category, due to a tiny crack where you plug in the charger, decreasing its value to $6.
I just kept the second phone.
But not without resentment!

Birthday card to my father-in-law:
Inside we officially shared our baby's name, as a birthday present to him.
Beckham Harold Erwin
(he was given my FIL's middle name)

At Dos Chili's with my husband's side of the family.
And these yummy cupcakes that my SIL brought from Brownie Points as dessert!
(Lance vomited in the parking lot before we went in, hopefully because his stomach hurt and not because he is thinking about changing the name on me once again!!)

When I typically go on call on Wednesday nights.
Thankful, that this month my partner Chanda picked up a few more days of call.
Meaning, that tonight --- I am off!

12th hour::  
Logging onto Blogger, ready to post this blog.
EXCITED to see that part of my New Year goal is coming true!
A new blogger friend-- within a community of blogging buddies!!
Nice to meet you Nicolle!
I've read through a few of your blogs and I can't wait to follow your blogging journey! 
(If I didn't scare you away by making you the highlight of hour 12?!!)


  1. What a great idea....what happened to Friday High Fives? :-)

  2. Hi again! Your post put a smile on my face. :))

    I also meant to say yesterday how much I love your photography!

  3. Hi Holly, I enjoy reading your blog! And you make it look so good! After using my blog for a year to let out anger and frustration (not caring what it looked like) some family members have mentioned how they would like to see more pictures of the girls so they can stay in touch (out of state family), so I am in the process of redoing mine. You make it look effortless, and I am still trying to find time to play with it and wrap my brain around how to make it work for me! Congrats on your second boy, take it from a mommy with two of the same sex, it is loads fun! My girls have a very strong bond that I hope continues to grow!

  4. Hi that you did 12 on 12! Who says it has to be 10 on 10?! :) Your pictures are beautiful. I love Chili's chips and salsa...we recently ordered some to go and went and picked them up! It was actually cheaper than had we bought chips and salsa at the grocery!
    I follow Nicolle's blog too...she is awesome and her son has the same monkey hat that your son does! I love the first son (when he was about that age) had the same Toy Story pj's.
    I'm going to follow so I can come back often! :)

  5. Geez...the thing I wanted to say the most I forgot to say! LOVE LOVE LOVE the name you guys chose for your 2nd boy. Beckham...what a strong name!

  6. Thanks guys...
    Casey-- I guess I lost that lovin' feeling for the FHF?! Maybe I'll return to them one day!

    Nicolle-- I'm embarrassed for you to say that! I want, so bad, to learn my camera... but I feel like I need a good chunk of alone time to dive in deep!
    Looking through your blogs, I think photography is your niche, you are amazing!

    Kim-- Keep playing with it! I love reading about your babies... the creative stuff just comes as you think of it (or see it on someone elses!!) I click "next" at the top of my blog sometimes when I am bored to read other blogs and gain ideas!

    Kerri-- speaking of idea stealing... I loved your 10 on 10! I love your creative thinking... don't be surprised if you see something of yours again!!
    AND... thanks for the name comment! I love Beckham and I *may* have cheated a little by teaching it to Maddox, guaranteeing its spot in the Erwin tree.
    As for Harold, it wasn't on my radar. But it is my husband's father's middle name-- and he is a wonderful man, whom I love to death. So for that, I gave in!! ;)

  7. Me again! Thank you SO much for the compliment. I want to learn so much more about my camera as well. Mainly though, I just want to have fun with it. I think there is too much pressure out there to always have a perfect picture. It's very hard to find the time, I hear ya! I also meant to say we have that monkey hat and love it...but then I saw Kerri said it for me! :) And my son is a huge Handy Manny fan! And your soon to be baby's name is awesome!

  8. Holly!! I love the 12 on 12! Loved the post. You are such a great blogger and I LOVE the name Beckham!!