Friday, January 14, 2011

What a wonderful Friday!

This morning we woke up to a slew of visitors in the front field.
I was running around trying to find my extended lens for my camera-- but they kept moving.
I didn't want to open the front door because (even though they were at the very front of the property) I didn't want to scare them away--
so I apologize for the fuzzy picture-- taken through my living room window-- that I tried to zoom in on edit but it really didn't help... there were about 8 white-tailed deer in the pasture.

For lunch, Lance, Maddox and I had a date with the Byford family in South Lake.

We ate yummy Cheesecake Factory, where Kimberly and I shared Thai lettuce wraps and avocado eggrolls.  The eggrolls were a bust but the lettuce wraps were fabulous as always!
We split a kids meal between Cambrie and Maddox, but we should have just ordered a plate of fries, since (other than bread) that's all they ate!
Lance went with a bacon cheeseburger and Chad the chicken tacos, but we all left FULL!

After lunch, we headed to a play date at The Indoor Safari Park.
Kimberly found the place for us but neither of us had ever been before.
At $10 a child for unlimited play (and us 4 adults; FREE) it was a great time!
I don't think there were ever more than 8 kids in there the entire time!!

Our $10 let us play as much put-put as we wanted...

Unlimited sliding, ball pit and jump time...

And all of the puzzles, play kitchens, train tracks, cars, and rocking horses they could handle...
 They got to ride the train twice...
(the second time they got to sit in the very front!)

And they each got to ride one of these crazy animals!
(They are the strangest things I have ever seen... their feet have tiny wheels on them but they take steps like a real animal....They aren't on a track, the worker-man just walks besides the animal and steers it to keep it going round and round the arena)
But the kid's loved them!

After about 2 hours or so of play, we decided we were finished!

The kids could have played a few more hours...
but us 6 1/2 month pregnant mommas, were done!

So we left.
Maddox was asleep after about 5 minutes in his carseat.
But not without saying some, um- sweet? things about me to his daddy first!

I ran into the Radio Shack next door to exchange the Iphone that I kept on Wednesday for store credit... (I got $70 and some change at this store-- rather than $6... GO ME!!)

Lance said that Maddox said, "I love my mommy."
Lance replied, "she's very sweet isn't she?"
Maddox said, "Her body is shaped like a gril, she has brown hair, and a nose like Woody.  I love her."

[Gril= girl... not like a Webster grill or else I would definitely be offended! ...but Woody's nose??  Gosh, thanks son!]

He was already asleep when I got back in the car to verify ...but I think this was a compliment!

I work in the morning... (but I always enjoy Saturdays at work)
And am on call this Sunday.  (which I can assume will not be enjoyable-- but not much beats working from home-- so it is hard to complain)

Lance goes back to work tomorrow-- but this will be his last Saturday evening to work!!  (He goes on days next Saturday!!)

My mom is enjoying her first weekend away with her new club, Sisters on the Fly.  Although, I will miss her company tomorrow night, I hope she is having a great time!!

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!


  1. THat place looks like a blast!!!

  2. Looks like the kids had a great time! What a great deal for unlimited play.
    Now I am thinking of the Cheesecake Factory...

  3. Boyd would have a blast in that safari park. I clicked over to see where it is located. Not too far of a drive for us. I might take him. The pictures you took are really great. How fun!!

    That is sweet what your son said about you. Kids are funny. I love hearing what comes out of their sweet little mouths.

    have a good weekend!