Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Reason #873 our Gigi rocks!!

Over the last 4 1/2 months, my mom has kept Maddox for me 2 nights a week while I work.  She would also keep him on Saturdays for about an hour while Lance and I's schedules missed each other coming and going.

As of Saturday, that all changed!

Lance was moved to days, meaning that my mom no longer has to help us during the week, however Saturdays went from a one hour to a 6 hour ordeal!

This past Saturday was our first shot at the new experience.
We tried talking Maddox into staying the night with mom so I didn't have to run him to her at 7:00 am but he wasn't having it!!

So instead, I let him sleep until the last minute, then bundled him up in blankets, scooped him into frigid temperatures and ran him around the corner to my mom without him even waking.

He snuggled up to her until about 10:00 and then she woke him up because she had to run to Weatherford.
Just as she was getting him dressed, she realized I forgot to pack an important item.


We are neighbors, and she has a key to my house so she could have taken the easy road and ran here for a few diapers on her way out.

Instead she did what I have been needing to do for a while.
She told him we were out!!

He threw a fit... the same fit that I always resort to diapers from... but without another option, he finally put his big boy underwear on.
And sat in his car seat for an hour, ran errands, ate lunch at a restaurant, and made it an hour home in his car seat, without an accident!

I feel a little silly gloating about it...
Since, remember we started potty training here and we talked more about it here and went into public the first time in undies here, and then I called us trained here....

and then we regressed.

I had a conversation with Dr Hayward a while back, and she was sure this was all about him trying to stay my baby, and that he was feeling the pressure of Beckham already.
Maybe she reached that synopsis after I explained that our conversations went something like:  "You're a big boy... you use big boy underwear"
Maddox: "No.  I am little.  Little boys wear diapers."
 Or, "Maddox, you are not a baby.  Baby's wear diapers."
"Yes momma, I am a baby.  I like my diapers."

She thought I just needed to get hard nosed on him, take the diapers out of the house and fight through the disagreements.

A discussion with another physician I work for was quite the opposite.
Acknowledge his feelings... reassure him... and let this fall on his watch.  He will come around.
She said she really thought he would regress once the baby got here anyway and we would be doing this all over again.
Her kids were both 3 and she thought it was easier that way.
Just wait.

Her tactic was easier... I liked it better.
I was fine with his diapers... as long as the rest of the world didn't make me feel like a loser!
We would just wait.

Then Gigi interfered.

We are on our 5th day, diaper free!!
With only one accident yesterday.  "A rock" in his underwear, he called it!

We have a sticker chart for when he goes tee-tee.

And mini M&Ms for a poo poo!!

I have been putting pull-ups at night, but he wakes up wet every morning.

A couple of nights ago, I had a late night at work.
Maddox and Lance were already in bed when I made it in, but Maddox was still awake.
I said, "Hey buddy... did Daddy remember to put a pull up on you?"
He responded in the most beat-down voice ever: "yeah, but its for grils."
I pulled back his pjs to see this:

A swim diaper!
A girl's swim diaper at that!!
Maddox pitifully says: "see, it has a mermaid on it.  I think its Ellie's."

I got a good giggle out of it, but had to wake Lance up and tell him what he did.
Lance said, "well, he kept telling me that it was suppose to have race cars on it but I didn't see any of those."


They are suppose to look more like this Daddy!
And pull ups actually absorb liquid.
Can you imagine the mess we would have had by morning with that silly swim diaper?!

So we are on day 5.
And I am heading to Babies R Us in a bit to register....

Here's to hoping he keeps up his dry streak!!!

And that the anxiety of underwear in public doesn't do me in!!


  1. LOL I love that he had a girl's swim diaper on!!! The innocence of a daddy-- gotta love it!

    And go gigi for taking the plunge! ;) I bet he'll do great now. It will be nice continue to only buy diapers for ONE! It has been great to not have to worry about buying diapers for 2. Pullups are expensive but luckily you only need one a day! :)

    Go Maddox! (love the sticker chart-- we did M&M's for Kensley. I was afraid to do that at first..... she got them for tee-teeing too. She went two months wanting an M&M EVERY time! We finally just ran out the other day.... and I refuse to buy more..... and she's got over it. She still asks for them but I just tell her she ate them all. And so far, she's ok with that! ha)

  2. Cori only uses 1 pull up a day at daycare (during nap) and she does really well! Most of the time she comes home in the same outfit that I sent her in....but at home...I'm a pitiful mother and I am so lazy when it comes to panties and no pullups! It seems like every time she sits on her bed or the couch or my bed, she pees. Its frustrating b/c how in the world am I supposed to clean the couch when she pees on it? I just figure I'll let her daycare get her in a little better shape before we do it full time at home. I'd like to have her in panties only by the time the next baby comes, but for some reason, I'm not seeing that happen!

  3. I love that your mom did that! Boyd will be 3 in a couple more months, and although we've sat him on the potty a couple of times, I'm not even trying hard yet, AND I know I should be!

    The mermaid swim diaper cracked me up! :)

    That last picture is adorable.

  4. Poor dads....sometimes they just do things differently!!
    I love that first picture...wait until he's 16 and show it to him! :)

  5. Well we did have an accident in BRU... and I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I cried!!

    (Mostly because I was irritated at his daddy whom I had just asked if he would take him...)

    But maybe it was good. He was traumatized for a moment when he *thought* we didn't have anything to change into.

    Tomorrow starts day 6!

  6. So funny! Good going! I waited until my kids did it on their own...just couldn't face having all that training work! They all did it under 3. My grandaughter has just beocme potty trained on M&M's (gets 2). She now sits down and says "I'd like a brown and a red one please!" lol

  7. Ah man!! I am sitting here in the school parking lot waiting for the girls to get out, and I just read this and laughed hard; so hard the mom parked next to me started looking at me! He is so cute and I love those moments when the kids know better than their daddies!!