Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maddox's world... POTTY TIME... excellent!!

And if you didn't ever watch Wayne's world-- this title will make no sense!

My mom bought Maddox a potty chair last weekend that was in the shape of a baseball.  When you "flush" it, it makes the sound of a stadium cheering!  

I told her that he was no where near ready to start training but she said she asked him if he would use it if she bought it and he said yes... Of course he did-- it is a big baseball!!!
The first few days he just drug it around and stood on it like a step stool... he would get really excited about taking off his diaper to sit on it and listen for the tee-tee (with his hand up to his ear) and said shhhhhh...
 ...But each time he would stand up excited and clapping there was nothing in it.
So I decided I was right... we just aren't ready! 
But on Thursday, Maddox was saying tee tee tee tee tee tee tee over and over and over again.  I thought he was asking for tea so I kept saying-- no son, you don't need any tea!
But I was on the phone with Ponce and she said, "maybe he is saying that he needs to go pee pee."  I told her that he just wanted tea but I went ahead and pulled off his diaper and he took off running into the living room.  By the time I got in there, he was finished!  
Way to go Maddox...
It was our FIRST success!

A few hours later he started saying it again and I again removed his diaper for another tee-tee!!  (Again, I didn't see him go) But I jumped and clapped and gave him praise but at this point I was sure it was still a fluke?

Maddox REALLY wanted to show his daddy what he had done so he pretty much kept his diaper off after Lance got home but we got nothing.
Until this, when neither of us were watching AGAIN:

Our first poop!

I hadn't even put him on the potty before his bath like some of my friends because I never wanting training to be casual.  I wanted it to be his idea and then we could go 100mph at it to get it done.

I also made a decision that I wasn't going to force it on him once all of my friend's kids started doing it because I honestly believe it needs to be on their watch, not mine.  And the last thing I need is an impacted kiddo or a UTI.
But it just came so easy (so far) and he is super excited to keep trying!
He has pooped 3 more times over the weekend, 2 being in the big potty (but he has had diarrhea-- so that is probably still fluke-ish) but he has tee-tee'd 3 or 4 more times too.  I still am not pushing it on him or even asking him to go, because I truly still think he is too young and I would rather him play.  But if he asks me, we go.  And he keeps asking.

Way to go Maddox! 
Mommy is so proud!

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  1. A. that is the CUTEST potty chair ever!!! B. you should be proud, he is doing awesome!!! C. Only another mom would appreciate the actual pics of urine and feces. D. Maddox is going to be soooo mad at you one day for these pics......but I LOVE them!!!! this is my favorite of all of your blogs!!!!!