Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a great time this Easter. 
It didn't go off without a hitch though:
We missed the church hunt by about 30 seconds but we made up for it with a mini hunt for just Maddox at Gigi's after service. 
Maddox ended up sick the night before and I was ready for a fussy Easter turkey but with all the excitement of fajitas, friends, and eggs... he didn't have time to be ugly!
We missed Lance's family hunt because Granny canceled on Aunt Karen's and Lance didn't think it was pertinent info to pass on to me when it was rescheduled... but at least we enjoyed a holiday without the hustle and bustle of moving from place to place.
Lance had to work and miss out on the hunt, but he was able to come out and stay the night with us at mom's and judge in the Easter egg coloring contest the night before.  (which I won of course!)
But all in all we enjoyed our day. 
Maddox loved playing with his cousins and it is so fun to see them together.  Mayson, Gunner and Maddox are all literally within weeks of each other and all boy to the bone.  Ellie (our sass a frass) doesn't let them miss a beat.  This pic below, she said, "HoHo, take our picture.  Aren't we cute?"  and as soon as I snapped it, she gave Maddox a good shove to the ground!!  She is a funny kid and I can laugh for hours just watching her be all of their big sister!

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