Sunday, March 21, 2010

perfect weather = perfect days at the park


  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!! And the music is making me emotional!! THe pics are great!!!! I love the one of Cambrie all layed back like she is posing, the one where Maddox is holding the ball and has a HUGE smile and Holly's kids holding hands!!!! I love the one of Katie with her hair all wild!!! Thanks for taking pics of our kids!!!! BTW, who is the girl sticking her tongue out! that is sooo cute!!!! AGAIN, LOVE IT!

  2. Thanks!! I had a lot of fun taking them and editing them!! That little girl is the lady that I met in the park by my house's little girl. I thought about not posting it since I don't know her... but surely it is fine?! I really want to go back and edit that one too... I thought it was really cute! I may be getting a bit carried away with all my picniking!!!