Sunday, March 7, 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day

I had planned on playing with my camera-- branching out into some features that I had not used before-- and taking some St. Patrick's Day pictures. I came prepared with a glittery 4 leaf clover (like the heart I had at Valentine's Day), a "Lucky Dog" t-shirt with clovers on it, and the tie (my $1 bargain from the one-spot at Target). However, my model came with other plans and refused to stay where I sat him, ripped my clover into 3 pieces within seconds, and would not keep the tie on.
Needless to say, they were not the best. They were mostly taken in auto mode but it gave me some fun practice in editing. I never want to have a business, be called a 'photographer' or even think of myself as great but I would like to take Maddox's pictures rather than dropping $100 at Kiddie Kandids at each growth mark! (or random holiday!) It is frustrating that I am not better yet. I'll keep practicing!

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  1. He's so stinkin' cute!!! Just remember it takes a LOT of time to really get the hang of your camera! You have a very creative mind and have any eye for things like photography- so you've already got that made! :) I wish I were there to come over and help you out- did you get to use your plexi? I know how it is to keep them still! It's IMPOSSIBLE! When I do shoots by myself, I can't get Kensley to smile and me and sit still. When Kent is here to help, she cooperates a *little* bit. :) We can at least get some smiles. Anyways, great job on the pictures- and keep it up!!! Take your camera with you EVERYWHERE! :)