Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have some of the SWEETEST friends!!

My friend Tracy is in a class and they are discussing Fluid Language. It may be a little vain of me to re-post this, but I thought that it was incredibly sweet of her to think of me for such a project. She is a great friend, awesome mom and an EXTREMELY smart nurse whom I refer to as my "momma bear" from time to time, so I really appreciate her opinion! I am out of the loop as to the whole logistics of the project, but this is what she sent me:

I was involved in a discussion about inventing a new word that would in capture two combined ideas or meanings. Since i was totally describing you in my discussion I thought I would pass it on to you. I think it is a great word. What do you think? Maybe someday I'll submit it and it will make the dictionary's new word of the year! : ) (JK). Anyway, among your other attributes (ie cute as a bug, great mom- nurse- friend) I really do think you are cleverious! I really miss all of you guys ( Ponce, Mal, Autumn, Candace) I hope all is well!

"How many times have you heard someone be described as "smart and funny". One of my favorite people to be around is simply hilarious and extremely clever with her humor and whit! She always keeps us on our toes, holding our bellies, and drying our eyes from the tears of joy and laughter as she turns any circumstance be it sad, serious or just neutral, into a positive, eye opening experience! If I had to describe her in a single word it would be cleverious!"

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