Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My sweet boy is back!

I bought a wreath for the front door at Walmart, of all places, for NINE dollars!! I think it looks pretty swell... especially to have cost less than $10! Woo-Hoo!! And it welcomes Spring... hopefully the weather man will now follow suite!

I thought I should post a pic from the day we gave Macy away... we miss her but are glad she is happy in her new home!

Maddox is feeling better and has returned to his sweet baby self!
Well... mostly!!
But man, he is so funny!
My favorite things he is doing right now is saying, "Gin" [real hick] through giggles (for 'again') when I do something to make him laugh.
Or when I tell him how something works or where something is at and he answers with, "oh" like he totally gets it!
Or when I say, "who loves Mamax?" and he grins really big and says. "mommy" in the sweetest little voice and then I say, "and who else?" and he says, "my daddy!"
He has learned to unlock my phone and call people... Wendy, Lance, Kimberly and Gigi have been on the list of Maddox-dialed this past week!!
I took a few picks the other day and thought I would post a few!

(this one is my favorite!)

We leave next Wednesday to go to Houston. It is a mini- vacation for us! We are excited to see Allison show her steer and have dinner with Mimi while we are in town. We may even try and look up a petting zoo or something fun for the beetle bug!
Here's a pic of Allison that I took the other night! It is hard to tell on here but I made just her eyes colored! (I'm learning!)

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  1. the pictures look great!!!! I love the last one of Maddox!!! He looks like such a big boy!!!