Friday, February 26, 2010

Maybe I was wrong?

So maybe it isn't the terrible twos?!

About a month ago I thought we were hitting the TTs and I went to work crying after a few days at home with a firecracker... and came home to a vomiting kiddo. 24 hours later he was back to his sweet little self. (Although he shared it with Lance and I and we were miserable for another 24.)

This week, on Wednesday, the attitude returned. I forgot about the last episode and how it coincided with gastro and spent most of my week in tears again. I told my mom on Wednesday that he had "the smell" but he had no runny nose, no vomiting or diarrhea and no fever so I wasn't going to give him an out by blaming it on being sick by just my "6th sense diagnosis", passed down from my mother.

Today I had a play date planned with Amanda and her 2 kids and I almost canceled on her after a rough morning. By 10, Maddox had launched his banana across the kitchen at me and squawked in my face like a bird and I thought there was no way I could deal with him like this in public . But since she is going through the same thing with her 17 month old, we decided that it was better to be miserable together than at home alone.

Right as we were leaving, Maddox was holding his belly and walking around. I asked him if it hurt and he said no. But I had never seen him do that before. He slept the whole way to FTW and I woke him up when we made it to OTB for lunch. He didn't eat at all but I figured he was full from his blueberries, banana and milk he had for breakfast and he acted great so I didn't question it much.

We ran to Target after lunch and again he was wonderful. He sat in his buggy and barely made a peep. He laid his head on me a few times and I thought I had hit the lottery.

Right until check out. Maddox vomited EVERYWHERE. His coat, my coat, his jeans and my shirt were covered. I trashed his socks and if it weren't our favorite pair of Gap jeans, they'd have been disposed of also!

Our mall trip was canceled and we headed home. I am hoping that once he has recovered from this virus that his attitude will be back to normal again also!


Goes to show, that as crazy as me and my mom sound-- we really can smell illness coming on!

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  1. Oh I'm so glad it's not the TT!!! :) I hope he feels better now and turns back into the little angel he is :)