Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 Stock Show and Rodeo!

Allison showed one of her steers at the Fort Worth Stock show again this year. It went a little crazy before she went out, she got the gate- but all and all, I think she did well! it was definitely good practice for her Houston show!

After Allison finished showing; mom, Pam and I took Maddox to the FFA barn to see all of the baby animals. (I have a ton of pics from there but I just posted a few!)

This lady saw how excited Maddox was over the rabbits so she got one out for him to pet. He was so gentle to the rabbit so she let him hold it! He thought he was hot stuff. This just proves to me that he CAN be sweeter to Macy-- he just chooses not to!

Our friend Krisha gave us THREE pairs of hand-me-down boots and this kid is in LOVE with them. He wakes up everyday asking for his "booootsss." Maddox tried on her son's cowboy hat while we were at their house and apparently decided he wanted a hat too! It only took passing 2 booths with hats for sale and one "peeeese GiGi" and he got his own cowboy hat. That was the happiest $15 this kid has seen! (He now will not take it off either!)My friend Amanda brought out her two kiddos, we had some McKinleys lunch (yum!) and went back to the Stock Show to let the kids play! Maddox is always pretty impressed with Lucas, and he is always so sweet to him! And is quite a cute cowboy!! Katie and Maddox are just a couple of months apart and she made a super cute little cowgirl herself!
While we were waiting in line at the petting zoo, a man walked up and offered his box seats to the rodeo. At first Maddox loved it. He was yelling at the top of his lungs! "GO- GO- GO"
We thought it was going to be nice to sit for a while and let them enjoy it... but we were wrong. Neither of the 3 wanted to sit still... Katie and Maddox threw a fit... or 17. And Maddox peed out of his diaper onto my pants! It was sure a nice gesture from a stranger but we didn't stay long!

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