Monday, February 15, 2010


Occasionally he gets creative....
like this kicking tee that he made out of one of my Velcro rollers!
And here are a couple of baseball tees he made out of random things...
(There was no help from adults with any of his ideas!!)
He is a such a SMART, CREATIVE BOY!
We probably have more videos of him batting than we do anything else!


  1. those videos are GREAT! It's so funny that he is into sports that much- he's his daddy's boy, huh?! He'll probably be a football star at the age of 3!!!

  2. It is so funny!! I have a video of him making about 8 baskets in a roll too but I was having a hard time getting it to load!!
    You know me-- I am trying to think already about his 2nd birthday party. Sports are really the only thing he is into at this point but I really don't want to do a sports party just yet... I am afraid he will have plenty of those in our future!! Maybe he will get into something else in the next 4 months or so!!