Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I went shopping this Saturday with my mom after work. I will be honest, it felt good. I have tried my hardest to stay clear from things that would cause me to spend unneeded cash, so it felt good to spurge a little. And LITTLE was key!

I went after some square toe cowboy boots for Maddox. Cavenders was swamped and did not have his size. After a failed attempts at 2 other western stores, that have now closed down-- we ended up at Ridgmar mall.
I wanted to get Maddox some simple brown Stride Rites and to my surprise they were on sale from $29 to $17. After ringing them up they came to $12!! We did not know but we had hit Dillard's on one of their "30% off everything already on sale" days! So he ended up getting the navy pair also for the same price and a pair of Nike Shox (a little big) for Summer. Those were originally $49 and I think I paid $21!! I also got him a pair of khaki short and green colored cargo shorts for winter for less than $10 total!
When leaving there my mom spotted one of those teen trendy type stores was closing down and everything in the store was $5! It is cheaply made stuff- but I got 2 pretty cute shirts for a total of $10!
Children's Place was also a big hit since all of their sale stuff was $2.99! I bought him 2 sweatshirts and a jacket for next year. (Hopefully I will keep up with them between now and then) And a shirt and a baseball cap for now. I think I spent $18 there!!

The next day lance and I ventured out to another Cavenders and they did not have his size either. While we were out I had Lance run me by JCPenny's so I could return some New Balances that I had bought myself without trying on. While there we found him some dockers for work for a whopping $25 (usually $50) and I bought 2 shirts --one $7 and one $14!

I don't know why it is such a high to get things so cheap but I think that it the funnest part about shopping!

And just to end my frugalistic shopping... I am not a coupon user, just because most of them are stuff we don't use anyway BUT I found a website called couponsuzy.com where you type in your zip code and pages and pages come up of coupons! You click which ones you want to "clip" and then print those at the end. It is good stuff too! I think I am going to try it next time and see if it really saves all that much!

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