Friday, January 29, 2010


A friend of mine was telling me about her son asking her what perception means... she tried to give a few examples; explaining how things may look one way in one light and a different in another. Or things may be received one way to one person and a completely different way to someone else. Because he is four, he still seemed confused so she had him place his thumb in front of his nose. She had him close his left eye and open his right... and then change eyes. She explained that his thumb was not really moving... but actually his perception that had changed.

I thought it was a good lesson.

FLASH BACK: 5 days before I turned 18 I used a friends ID to go see a concert at Billy Bobs. I was caught at the door before I went in and was handed a $300 ticket. By the time it went to court I already had turned 18, and the officer had written the ticket incorrectly. The judge let us know that she could not make any recommendations on my behalf HOWEVER if this was her daughter she would probably have this looked into further. It was very obvious that the ticket would have been dropped but my mom REFUSED to let me fight it. I had broken the law and been caught and she thought it was a very valuable lesson. I wrote the $300 check out of my OWN account and had to do 12 hours of community service and sit through 2 days of A.A. (misrepresentation of age is considered an alcohol related offense even though I was just trying to be 18?!) Now, as an adult (and mother) I can understand why my mom made me pay the ticket almost 8 years ago. I learned from it.

I KNOW I make mistakes. Everyday, actually! And at times I am unfair. However I love big and am always the first to apologize. Sometimes, when I'm not sure that I should? I think friendships and relationships are more important than words and do not understand people who jump the gun, cuss inappropriately and roll the situation around so they can be the victim? I have a lot a close friends and do no think that happened by accident. I am always willing to drop what I am doing to help out a friend... babysit... answer a nursing question... or just be an open ear! I was raised to take responsibility for MY actions. And I try to do so. When the storm blows through and the emails or texts are read... ON ALL SIDES. I will not be ashamed of my behaviors, the words I used or the madness that I chose NOT to post for the world see. I held true to my values, went straight to the source and asked questions that could not be answered.

Perception, what a funny thing.

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