Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 is off to a great start!

Lance accepted the job in Denton, and will start this coming Wednesday! Since starting the process with them, he has had nothing but good feelings and dealt with really nice people. Hopefully this will be good for us, it has answered a lot of prayers!

He is also still seeking the other leads from the places that he had applied to over the last year (who all seem to be showing up NOW... of course!) But it is dog-eat-dog, we will take the best offer. We aren't going to get the days of the nice paycheck from Chesapeake again, so I have finally let that idea go and am focusing on the positives of the additional money coming in. (even if it is not where we were a year ago) We have learned how to be much more frugal and cut out a lot of unneeded spending so if we continue to practice what we learned through 2009, 2010 should be rewarding for us.

I am such a planner and am more than ready to open this new chapter of our lives. Lance says this is bitter-sweet for him. He is overwhelmed with excitement for going back to work... and bringing STEADY income to his family however it has been over 2 years since he actually WENT to a job. He made his own hours and worked mostly from home with the Landman job and for NTBS, so he has never missed out on anything important in Maddox's life thus far. I honestly don't think it is even the big things that he is "grieving" losing, but more the little things like rocking Maddox to sleep, or hearing him call out our name to the monitor every morning, or the thousands of kisses we get from him all day long.

I am so thankful for the career path that I have chosen in health care. Now being PRN, I will be able to manipulate my schedule to work around Lance's and continue to bring home about the same amount of money for us. However in February I got less call hours than I typically do so if I can't get what I need there, the opportunities elsewhere are limitless. I hope I don't have to go that route, but if I do-- we will be fine!

With that said, I have made up my mind that I am going back to school. I owe it to myself to continue on and Lance wants to take some classes as well. We are going to make an appointment to go talk to the counselor and see how soon I can get that process going.

The sooner, the better. I would rather my kids not be any further than 3 years apart so I need to get my ducks in a roll. again.... The planner in me is getting a bit anxious.

Stay posted and as always, the Erwin saga is...To be continued.


  1. SO exciting!!! Tell Lance CONGRATS from us!!

  2. Yay Lance! Tell him we said congrats as well. :-) And keep us posted on school--- I am so excited for you!