Thursday, April 15, 2010

THE jersey!!

The morning of October 26, 2007, Lance and I had the biggest fight of our marriage to-date.  He went as far as to send flowers to my work in apology.
I too gave my husband a present that day.  Not so much one of an apology but more of a "SURPRISE!!!  Our life is changing FOREVER!!!!  ...please forget our fight this morning and hold me and tell me its going to be okay because I am a mess" kind of gift!
His present, packed full of hormones and emotion came with a very sweet card written from a child to their daddy explaining the example he was to set, the excitement that was in store and the heartaches that Lance would endure as a parent.
He originally thought that I was trying to make an example that we can't fight like that because we were going to start trying for a baby in a few months and that type behavior would not be acceptable by either of us.  The card became more clear however, when I handed him a pretty bag, stuffed with tissue paper and a Texas Ranger jersey folded within the sack.  Another note said something to the phrase of: , "I am still not sure if we will need a big red and blue bow and denim skirt, or a pair of khaki shorts and flip flops to be just like you. But either way, you are going to be a daddy!"     
He may have realized in that moment that he probably wasn't 100% in the wrong during the AM fight, that my raging hormones could have been part to blame for the argument that neither of us could begin to tell you what it was about now, but like a smart man, he held his lip on the subject.  Instead, he held me, cried with me, and assured me we would be a great team.
And he was right!

And now he FINALLY fits into Lance's surprise!!  (your options are limited at 11:00 at night, in Godley TX!)
Walmart had nothing in sports for an infant other than NASCAR, so I went with the 2T jersey... "SURPRISE!!  We are having a toddler!!"
And I am sure this is not his daddy's proudest picture of him... but funny nonetheless!
I thought the jersey deserved a post!


  1. LOL!!! That last picture cracks me up! And it mKes me want to cry because it seems like yesterday all of us were getting positive pregnancy tests and sharing the joys of pregnancy and planning future playdates. :-) Miss you guys a ton! I try not to think about how much I miss our group and how it made me feel like a "normal" person bc of the adult interaction. :) I feel like now I sit in a house and raise kids all day with no breaks.... I wouldn't trade being a mother for the world, but it sure would be nice to be a mother in TEXAS!!!

  2. I hear you!! With summer nearing, I have kind of panicked. You, Whitney, and Kimberly were literally a hop, skip, and a jump away so having a playdate every week was manageable if we needed it! Everyone moved away last year (luckily Kimberly drives in quite often) but I am afraid we won't get as many as we have in the past.
    Ponce and I live so far from eachother but we have already promised that we would drive at least twice each to the other one's house... and Kimberly's usually game for whatever!
    I met a lady at the park the other day in hopes that I could find someone in my neighborhood to call on a whym... but she started a conversation about religion in her house (or lack there-of) and let's just say I'll pass.

  3. ok, changed my mind.....THIS is my favorite!!! I am crying!!!! It seems like sooooo long ago, but not really!! Cute, cute pics of a cute, cute boy!!! Kristen, I wish you did live here, it was sooo cool to see all of our babies so close in age, but so different in personalities, etc!!! They are definitely great for keeping a busy mommy sane...just to get together with everyone and realize we all have the same issues!!! Thank goodness for face book and blogging!!! : )