Monday, March 4, 2013

Today was a good day.

The boys woke up happy.
Lance had left a surprise little note in Maddox's lunch box, 
which really made him smile.

Beckham and I finally tackled groceries as a success.
Walmart this time, back where we belong.
...And that made me smile.

Beckham was pleasent.
And funny.
And relatively easy.

And we picked Maddox up, took advantage of Sonic's happy hour--
and our 85 degree weather at the park.

 Today was a good day.


  1. Too funny....back at Walmart where we belong! Glad it was a good shopping trip. Even now, I don't enjoy shopping with my son. He can't even walk straight without bumping into to me.
    LOVE the note Lance wrote to sweet.
    Have a good one Holly!

  2. I love this! Oh, and we live at Walmart pretty much too, although I still despise the place. :)
    That last picture is so perfect, it's all boy, and I love it.
    I'm glad it was a good day! Wasn't the weather pretty close to perfect?!

  3. Oh what a sweet note!
    I love all of the cute pictures of the boys and the weather 85 how nice. We have been having great weather as well just not in the 80s though.
    I wish we had a Sonic by us I hear how wonderful it is.