Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break

I think we have had a great break into spring.
Lots of play... with lots of great people!

Beckham has had an amazing week, learning so many words and has morphed back into the laid back, sweet little soul that he once was!
I keep a running list in my phone and it has doubled to well over 25 words in the last week!
I guess that "switch" that everyone claimed he would have, finally clicked!
He has to double this list to stay out of speech therapy next month, but for once, I think it is possible.

I think I left off on Tuesday, in the last blog...
So I will start from there.

Wednesday we went to the movies with my mom and sister.
We saw "Escape from Planet Earth" and ate Arbys for lunch.
We went back to mom's afterwards and my sister and I rode my mom's motorized scooter trying to break our necks and laughed until we cried!

Thursday we went to a small zoo in Gainsville with our friends.
We pulled in and saw a zillion cars but it wasn't bad at all once we got in.
Just outside the zoo, there's an incredible park-- perfect for a picnic and play!
It was cheap to get in and turned into another awesome day with my sister and kiddos!

Friday we surprised Lance for lunch and then headed back to our neighborhood to meet up with Lance's sister, Jenn, and her babies who had come to town.
The weather was perfect and the kids had fun.
Lance's dad stopped by to visit for a minute and the older boys each got a pocket knife as a gift from him that evening.
My niece is getting so big and I had so much fun trying to learn a cup and song game that she taught me from 'Pitch Perfect'.  She's such a sweet girl.  Smart, funny, athletic, sweet and apparently has a great voice too!
Can you tell that I heart her?!  

I ended up taking call at the last minute and my SIL took Maddox home for a sleep-over.

Since Lance was closing, Beckham and I had some great bonding time together.
He has started kissing me on my cheek or forehead, like Lance does and it seriously melts me.
It's soft, and not wet.  And this the tiny little smacking sound is about all that I can handle.
The first time he did it, I honestly thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest-- comparable to that first time you smell their chemically sweet breath and realize you created something so perfect.
I adore him.

And I will admit that it broke my heart a little to hear that Maddox wasn't sad for me at bed time last night-- although I did see panic come all over him when he realized it was for 'over-night', when he grabbed my face and whispered into my ear, "just pick me up before sunset."
But I am proud of him too....
And glad he got that time with his cousins.

I was, however, uber-happy to get him back today.
And uber thankful to my sister for watching Beckham this morning while I worked and taking him back to the park and letting him play.
And uber-duber-suber thankful for them both meeting me at Lance's store to put my eggs back in my basket so that I didn't have to travel all over the universe after work!

Tonight, me and the boys are whipping up breakfast-for-dinner and hoping Lance comes home before dark.
Hopefully an early bed time is in our near future!
Because I am beat.

We have had a wonderful spring break!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun this week happening over your way! Yay for Beckham saying lots of new words...and for those sweet kisses! Your pictures are always so cute....Maddox looks so much like YOU!

  2. so fun!!! i love the pic of beckham wrapped in the towel and the one of the kangaroo at the zoo... for some reason cracks me up! ~leslee