Monday, March 18, 2013

For my birthday

exactly one month from today I turn 29.

Which isn't really a big deal.

Because it's not 30...
But it is the last year of my 20s and I would love to celebrate.

Now, if you know me, you know that I am not a great gift reciever.
It is not that I do not enjoy gifts, because I do... I am always appreciative.
But for some reason, I feel guilt and a little in debt when I am gifted something.

Also, April happens to be the month that holds 3 of the 4 people living in my house's birthday.
And it is difficult and expensive these days, to make Lance or I have have lavish events (as if we ever did anyway)--
as the tiniest one trumps us and always will.

And though I am really hoping to get a girl's day together for a wine tasting, I have a bigger idea that I hope you will join me in, to celebrate.

Remember when the boys and I participated in 26 acts of kindness?

Well, that idea came from my friend Nicolle, who is always serving others in creative ways.  It was so fun-- and felt so good-- and the best part, even beyond sharing that experience with my boys, was watching the domino effect it had on a lot of my friends, and hearing their stories of kindness beyond ours.

I was hoping to do another, but this time with your help.

I realize that this is a stretch.

Each blog I write averages a little over 100 views,  some less-- some more.
Only 3 or 4 of you guys actually comment.
And about the same usually email me, text me or FB with each post, as well.
So its a far stretch to assume that 1/3 of you reading will play along when 95% of you are ghost readers anyhow, but that's my hope.
And this is one of the few times that I am asking for your participation!

I would love to do 29 acts of kindness.
For my birthday.
My 29th birthday.

My hope is that you will think of something super creative- or funky- or unique.
Or simple- and easy- and cheap... It really doesn't matter!

Whatever route you take,
I want you to take a picture of your one act and write down a little something about it and send it to me!
I will combine them all for a "birthday blog", and together we can see how we made the days of almost 30 people!!

We have a month to complete it-- so just click comment here below, and tell me that you're in!

Remember, our entire 26 acts this December only cost around $40 total.
Some were as small as a quarter, so don't let the idea overwhelm you.

I am not asking for a million dollar donation to charity (unless you have it to donate, and in that case, I will take it off your hands for the 'Holly is Almost 30 Charity of Champions' and we will work on my ability to accept gifts-without-guilt, together), I am just asking for a little molecule of your time and generosity...
and a picture!

I hope to have all variations and random ideas-- from all different people... and hopefully some that I don't even know!
You in?

(I originally wrote 30 names here, calling you out-- but I didn't want to make anyone feel obligated... nor did I want someone not want to participate if their name wasn't mentioned... you know?!)

So do it!
Or make a friend do it with you!
Its going to be fun.  Guaranteed.

Twenty nine random acts of kindness.
(or maybe more?!)


  1. I'm in. I love this idea! It's going to be great.
    You have a BEAUTIFUL heart Holly.

  2. I LOVE this idea! You are an amazing human being. Go ahead and add a jewel to your crown sister. I'm in! Love you! :-)))

  3. Holly baby, count me in! Penny and I are flying to Chicago to spend the week end with Ashlin on April 5th and back home on April 8th. How about if the three of us do "RAKs" while we are there in honor of your advanced age? We will send in pictures of each act. It will be a couple of weeks before your birthday but it shouldn't make a difference as you can post them when you see fit. I really wish you could go with us. She is moving into a new apartment April 1st and we will probably spend most of the time helping her get settled, but we will make time for "Holly is Almost Thirty Charity of Champions"

  4. I'd love to be a part of this! What an amazing and inspiring idea. I'm in!

  5. I'm in. Such a awesome idea!!

  6. Wouldn't miss this for the world!

  7. I'm in!! My wheels are turning!!!

  8. Holly, you are amazing!
    I am So in!

  9. I am so excited that you guys are all willing to hop aboard and play along. Y'all are awesome!!

    I first wanted to clarify, as I think it may have come across confusing-- I am only asking for ONE act, per friend. (of course if you wanted to do more, that's great too-- I just wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn't requesting 29 acts per friend.) ...just hoping to get 29 acts total. As a group! Comprende?!

    Also, I was going to document that Rayanne, Kristi, Candace, Chaney, Jennifer, and Chelsey have all said they'd play too...
    Wish brings us 1/2 way to 29!
    Whoop! Whoop!

  10. Oh Holly I LOVE this idea. I am so in!!!

  11. Beautiful gesture! I am in!!

  12. I am one of your ghost readers but you can count me in. I am always encouraged by your blog and most of the time get a good laugh too. This is a gteat idea.

  13. Such a great idea! I have been planning on participating in my own Random Acts of Kindness Day with my family, I will send over a pic!

  14. I get to add Erin, Amber, Brandi, Ashley, Denise, Julie, Carla, Allison, Casie and Courtney!

    Which actually puts us over 29!!

    hello, AWESOME!! :)

  15. So cool guys!!

    And I can also add Kristen, Marianne, Randi, Ashley, Angela, Krissy...
    which is like almost 100.

    Or not.. really.. but seriously, a lot of greatness!

  16. Autumn and Nicole want to be added as well! :)

  17. Holly- can I get your email address to send you my act, thanks!