Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I have 4 blogs started right now, and none finished.

I am swirling in panic, and sometimes it helps to catalog our life, right here-- exhale and move forward!

So here goes--(one of four out of the way!)

Last Thursday didn't go exactly as I planned.
Lance slept.
Which I had hoped for-- as he had just worked almost 100 hours,

but I guess I am now accustomed to him being gone, so I found that I was annoyed with him "being in the way" all that day.
I kept getting onto myself, because I knew I was terrible-- so instead of saying anything mean, I just stayed mad in my head all day.
I like routine and productivity.
not mis-matched blankets and pillows everywhere.

Thank God he doesn't live by the same motto when the tables are turned!

That evening we had Maddox's pep-rally for football!
We love Upward.
I was on call so I only caught bits and pieces, but the parts that I got to participate in were amazing!

And we ate Babe's afterward,
which is double-amazing!

Friday we had a play date with a few friends from Maddox's school.
Between us 3 mommas, there were 8 babies and we had no concussions, broken bones, gang initiations or tears.
We did have some salty fries and good momma talk though!
I really enjoyed it!

A little birdie told me, that day, that the farm house (pic that Maddox is running down the driveway to in my header) is up for rent again.
We have planned on putting our house on the market this time next year, and getting back to Paradise before Maddox starts kindergarten, but instead I called Krisha-- our pal-- and asked if we could list it now.

Mom and Dave came out Saturday and they spent the entire day replacing our back door.
Mom and I cleaned and organized and chased kids.

Sunday I helped host my cousin, Amber's baby shower!
The cake was delicious and we always laugh a lot together.

Afterward, David met us at the house to finish the door and mom and I did a little more cleaning.
Including touch-up painting and cleaning baseboards.

Yesterday Maddox had school and mom and I spruced up the flower beds, shampooed carpets and moved things off my counters ready for today.
My hands are dry from chemicals and I was tired...
and yet mom can still work circles around me in the cleaning department!

The boys and I spent the night at mom's as it would be illegal to rope them to their beds until after pictures, but impossible to expect them not to destroy all of our work!

Slumber party at mom's...
The Voice.
Call.  Which was busy.
Dinner and icebox pie.

This morning I met Krisha and Lisa at my house.
The boys acted like they had crack for breakfast.  (although mom did make them cinnamon toast which is close.)
Lance forgot to do 2 of only 4 things I asked him to do.
He left the bed un-made, a drink on the nightstand and his shorts thrown over the door.
The girls beat me to the house so I didn't get a chance to take my pots out of the dishwasher and hang them, turn on all my lamps or put new vacuum lines in the carpet.

After they left, I felt a little overwhelmed and emotional.

She only asked us to change/ fix 2 easy things... and it will hit her site tonight!
I hope it sells quickly because I hate anticipation!

What I do love is this deep cleaned house.
My beautiful flowers and freshly mulched flower bed...
and the thought that we are a tiny step closer to building on our land.


  1. Your house looks GREAT!! I will place a bet that you get an offer on your house within 7 showings....I give it 2 weeks max. Good luck!!

  2. I love your house! I will keep my fingers crossed it sells SOON! Will you rent the farmhouse once your house sells?
    LOVE the picture of your boys sleeping and Maddox's arm around Beckham!

  3. Maddox makes the cutest faces! He is SO you!