Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Good stuff.

Lance called Friday, saying he was getting out of the store early and taking us to dinner.
We dressed... I fixed my hair... did my makeup...
and waited.
And an hour into waiting the boys were tired and hungry so I made them a PB&J.
And an hour after that, they were irritable and cranky... and ready for bed.

Again, I was fueled...
Lance still claimed we would go.
But if I was over it,
the boys definitely were.

I had vented previously that he has worked for a month straight without one day off...
and that means that I have been mommy, the only parent around, for a month, 7 days a week, without one minute off.
And here's the warning label::  I realize the situation could be worse... I am thankful for his job and again, am not mad at anyone or anything surrounding the opening of the store... nor am I on the verge of a breakdown.
This is my blog.  To vent my emotions. And capture our life. As real as I possibly can.
But I wanted a break.

So I took Amanda up on her offer for dinner and drinks at OTB.
Except we split an appetizer and split a drink...
and sang karaoke in my car until 1:00am.
Completely sober.
Into a pair of sunglasses and a hair brush.
And she was in sweats-- because she had just played a softball game-- but she rocked them.
And I was dressed up-- because I was free.  For a minute.  From ketchup stains and chocolate fingers.
Which obviously made us a couple.
We laughed hard about that...
And we had a great night.

Saturday, my "Aunt Janna" had her annual fundraiser for Susan G Komen.
She is a 14 year breast cancer survivor.
The kids danced, and got to help in the auction. 
We got to visit with some of our greatest friends, and they raised quite a bit of money.
Beckham really wanted a fertilizer spreader and Maddox somehow hustled a random man for $2.
Bought a Sprite with one and pocketed the other.
It was a great time.

We stayed the night at mom's that night as I was on call Sunday and totally over having to manage patients and kids and dinner and house cleaning.

Call was light and mom's was great.
The food was good and I even swindled Pop out of a fire!
I played my cards just right where I waited until 8:30 to leave, knowing the boys would fall  asleep on the way home and moved them to their beds for the night!

Lance had told Maddox that he was staying home on Monday to be with him.
But then he realized there was still stuff to do, so he got up to head out.
He couldn't tell those precious brown eyes goodbye again, though, so he scooped him up and took him with him.
It was so precious and Maddox felt so special.
Beckham and I went to the store to help Lance with a few things and then we all went for dinner.
Lance came home at a decent hour, and for the first time in a month I got to take call; focused.

And after Maddox was told he couldn't play with the mop bucket anymore.  He took paper, staples and 5 minutes by himself to create his own.
Which was honestly better than anything I could have made!
Back home, I caught him doing this::
He explained: "this is how you keep quiet in Spanish."
Beckham and I both got a kick out of that.
He's just funny.
Like last week, when he thought I had hung Bob Marley on our wall...
as I am re-doing the shelves.
and he scooted off, singing, "no woman no cry", like it was normal.

And today the boys have been so sweet.
Lance's store finally opened and he can start to find his groove, and things will start coming back to normal soon!

Beckham has had a great week...  acting so much sweeter.
Or maybe I've been more patient?

Beckham has learned to say 4 new words in the last few days:
'PawPaw', 'eat', 'broke', and 'snack'.
Bringing his grand total to 15 words.
We are getting there.

Maddox started flag football.

And life doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

My sister is heading home from college now-- we have plans with her tomorrow.
Zoo on Thursday and our cousins are coming to play on Friday.
I work Saturday and life keeps rolling.

So far, so good.
These last few days have been full of good stuff.


  1. Yay! Good is GOOD!!! And you write what you want on your blog--if someone doesn't like it, they should step away. BOOM! Yeah, that's right. ;D

  2. The Bob Marley story will forever make me laugh.
    Boyd does something similar to the "keep quiet in Spanish" thing. He will say some made up word, and then say, that's how you say cheese {or something like that} in Chinese. :)
    Love the pictures of you and Amanda. I need a late girls' night like that. I love it!
    Praise Jesus on the new words from Beckham. I know that makes your heart a little lighter.
    I love your green and blue stripey wall.
    And you girls look gorgeous for the night of that charity event. What a great thing.
    Your post makes me smile.