Friday, March 8, 2013

cook and freeze take II

Candace and I had plans to cook and freeze again yesterday.
I borrowed a couple of crock pots so that I could cook my meat to bring...
but a few things happened.

1.  I realized I still had a chicken spaghetti, a King Ranch casserole, and a pot pie still frozen from the last freeze-a-thon.
2.  I realized I needed some new ideas because Lance isn't a huge fan of casseroles.
3.  I realized that 'all that meat' really didn't make 'all that much'!
4.  I ran out of time... and didn't feel up to an early morning grocery trip before the cook-a-thon!

So instead of joining Candace in the cook-fest yesterday, we just went for moral support-- to take pictures-- to laugh at old pictures-- and to play.

Here's my prep:

Beef, pork, chicken breasts, and I made my first whole chicken!
I sought help from my first boss, Rayanne, who owns the one and only diner where I grew up and my great gal-pal, Jenna, of the famous Crockin' girls, for the nasty hen!
Though I gagged the entire time-- and haven't tasted it yet--
I think their advice was successful as it looks like chicken and smells like chicken-- and I salvaged all its meat.  Except the wings, because that was taking it too far.
and this little foil ball trick from Jenna's cookbook seemed to work rather well!

I ended up with this...
Mostly just shredded meats to add to soups or use as tacos or put on buns with a little BBQ sauce.
And a yummy roast dinner.
That I ate until I made myself sick.
And then ate more veggies at midnight, because comfort food is my favorite food!
I also have been making a little extra when I cook and freezing 1/2... building my supply that way too!
Little by little, it helps.

On to yesterday.

The kids and I were late rising, and made a rash decision to have icecream for breakfast!
It was really a snack, after our real breakfast--
but it felt like a wild and crazy idea, ordering it before 11:00!
The boys loved it!

Candace, on the other hand, had already got to work! 
She's still doing her gluten free stuff, so above we have 2 chicken spaghettis, 2 pasta bakes (both with rice noodles), 1 1/2 king ranch casseroles, 2 chicken and rice bakes, and a teriyaki chicken.

 She also made a pot of tortilla soup and Mexican chicken that she divided and froze as well.

I made up some fresh spinach dip to snack on while we chatted...
and the kids took advantage of the awesome weather and had a picnic and played outside!
A little hard, I guess--
because they both crashed on the way home and stayed asleep for a nice little nap!


  1. I am lucky to get one good dinner a week out of my kitchen... Love your cook and freeze.

  2. The picnic picture is so sweet.
    I love comfort food too, and your roast looks so good.
    And, you know how I feel about ice cream for breakfast. perfect.

  3. What is this little 'foil ball trick' you speak of?
    I have not heard of it and have no idea what purpose they serves.

    1. You roll up 3 balls and place the hen, breast down. It turns the crock pot into a roaster and keeps it up out of the drippings and from one side getting more cooked! (I assume... It actually didn't say that in the cookbook!)

  4. Mmmm making my mouth water! I have a roast in the crock pot today. Can't wait to go home after work! About once a year I take my boys for ice cream for lunch or dinner. They love it and of course we always feel like we're breaking rules which is half the fun!