Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Greater Tuna and stuff

Saturday, Lance showed up from golf an hour past the time that he promised.
I was super angry but chose to not talk to him about it at all.
He, on the other hand, wanted me to argue with him, I know, so that I would end up blowing my top and we would be equal.
But I left, and ignored his excuse of "circumstances out of his control"  (aka: the 2 old guys in front of them).

Fired up my car, pulled out of the driveway...
Gas light comes on

**Top blown.

He had drove my car to Dallas that morning and was so worried about making his tee time that he left it to me on E...
Which had me in heels, a mile off of the interstate, paying 15 cents too much per gallon for gas, in 100 degree heat--
post leaving my house an hour after I was suppose to.

**Top exploded into smithereens.

So to say that I welcomed my margarita at Gloria's, was an understatement.
I gulped it.

Quickly the table turned into funny stories with 10 women that my Nana invited, and great Mexican food.
 And before too long, I forgot about divorcing my husband and was belly laughing with strangers.

Off to Greater Tuna...
and a vodka cranberry or 3.

We had ridiculously great seats, the show was funny, but mostly I just enjoyed my time away, with girls... and laughing.
It is fair to say that Randi and I were the youngsters in the crowd...
but we didn't care.

And watching my Nana's friend who was like 90 laugh so hard that she was crying, was priceless.

What wasn't priceless?
Having to keep my Nana out past midnight at Yogurt Story because I probably could have stopped at one drink.
**I have had prouder moments.

But I hear Randi lost her lunch later,
So she wins!
** Nor do I assume she was proud.

All in all, I had a wonderful time with a group of grandmas who know how to accessorize!
We were the styling-est crew in the crowd...
or at least with the most bling!

[I hate that I didn't get any pictures of the rest of our group... but here are the ones I did.]

Sunday we had our last 2 softball games for this season.
I have learned to hit the ball...
and even caught a pop fly or 2...
but still hold the position of the crappiest player on our team.
We lost both games on Sunday.
Neither by much.

Tonight Maddox has his first soccer practice.
Lance is so nervous about coaching, it has gotten kind of funny.
Last night, we took the boys to one of the fields in our neighborhood to practice and I can tell that the real practice tonight is going to be fun to watch!

 Just like a circus is.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


We spent the passes that my step-dad got us (but accidentally left at home, last visit) at Hawaiian Falls, Friday, with our friends.
It was our last hoo rah of the summer, I suppose.

We will definitely be season pass holders next year!
It is a great place, fun atmosphere and it wears my kids down!

 It has now become my standard to bathe them up in the restroom before we leave, and change them into clean clothes, because it only takes them a few minutes to be out!
Unfortunately, we don't live too far from the park.
So they each got a 20 minute nap, and were ready to play some more.
I was on call, so they took their energy to the backyard.

Call was good.
We had tacos for dinner...
Lance and I had the dumbest argument ever over cheese.
Nope, not rapper talk for money...

Buster busted through the door, changing the mood and he and Lance hung the tvs in our bedroom and playroom, while Beckham and I cleaned up dinner.

A year later, they are both bolted to the wall, and being watched as I type.
(Hopefully, in another year, Lance will get those wires behind that wall, and the desk out of our room... but no breath-holding is happening here!)
Lance is happy because there is now an HD flat screen tv in every room of the house...
I am happy because there is no longer one sitting on a desk in our bedroom....
or on the floor of the playroom.

I still have plenty to do to the playroom, to get it just the way I want it, but slowly and surely it is coming together!

Today, Buster and Lance are playing golf.
Lance promised to be home by 4:30 to take the boys from me, and I have a GNO tonight with my Nana, SIL, step-mom, aunt and my Nana's friends for Mexican food, drinks and Greater Tuna!

Stay tuned for that, I am sure it will be a great time!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

One week down.

Last weekend, we finally got some rain.

Lance and I took advantage of the cool weathers and ate dinner on the wet patio of one of our favorite Mexican joints, Christina's.
We ran to Sam Club USA on Sunday, and stocked up on groceries, for my new at-home gig.

I went to bed that night, ready.
Ready to start all of the "new" coming our way.

Before 8:00 am, I logged into my classes, excited to go.
I saw all of the reading expected of me...
wrote down the dates of my quizzes and tests...
Read through the emails and forums and other student's bios.
When writing my due dates in my calender, I found out that I would use my "labpaq" to complete an experiment each week.
I didn't have a lab kit.
I didn't know anything about it...

So I had to spend a quick $200, plus $40 to ship it in a hurry.

I was completely overwhelmed by all of the tabs and links and syllabuses and conversations... I felt like I was in another planet.

And without my kit, I was already starting behind.

My sister caught wind of my anxiety, and came to shed her 20 year old knowledge on the world of college for me.

(She also taught me how to turn my case of Greek yogurt, that tasted like mayonnaise, sour cream and armpit that was ready for my trashcan, into a yummy, and not so healthy drink, that I am addicted to now!)
{{Greek yogurt, frozen peaches, frozen berries, powdered sugar, milk, and ice}}

Tuesday I had no lab kit, still...
And had already completed the assignment for my art class,
so we played.
It ended up our last day to keep Kyleigh, so it was good that we did.
It was probably our best day yet, with the group...
And with our weather so great, we decorated for fall and spent very little time indoors!

Yesterday, my lab kit arrived on my porch, and I started my project at 10:00am this morning.
The estimated time for the experiment was 2 hours.

I completed it in 11.


If you read my facebook, you know I had a tragedy in my garbage disposal.
Maddox likes to keep old baby food jars so that he can fill it with tiny pieces of trash and adore them as if they are golden treasures.
Apparently he thought the jar needed a washing, and tossed it into the sink, where it slid into the disposal...
I turned it on and shred it into a million pieces.
And broke the disposal.

After digging most of it out with a paper towel, and then taking the shop vac to the rest...
I got the sink working again.

Add that incident to snacks, naps, needs, meals, fits, a smashed finger, a bruised forehead, tears, giggles, play time, a boy who missed his daddy, cleaning, a load of laundry and endless questions...

2 hours turned into 11.

But-- it is turned in and complete... 3 days before it is due. 

This week was also my first week to work from home.
Monday, was rough in that area too.

I am not complaining, because it is the greatest job I could ask for...
but it is an adjustment.

Lance, the slowest to adjust.

Beckham is going through a terribly hard stage right now and wants to hold me at all times.
He cries a lot when he is with me...
And Lance can't hear him, apparently.

I keep reminding myself that it is a stage, and it will pass...
but he is difficult.

Maddox is going through a super-sensitive stage.

Right now he is really worried how we feel.
If "we like him"... if "he makes us happy"...
It breaks my heart.

He cried from Home Depot on Sunday because Lance wouldn't buy me a flower.
He even offered to put back his flashlight to get me one.
Lance didn't.

Though the story was crazy-sweet, it bothered me that Lance didn't think I was worth the flowers.
Was I failing him in some way?

And I think I was...

Tuesday, while I was prematurely putting pumpkins on my porch and grapevine around my door, I noticed some crazy crabgrass in the yard.
The ground was soft so I thought I would help Lance out, and I popped a few out.
A few turned into a lot...
and what started as 'help', turned into our yard looking like it had been attacked by a gang of rabid moles.

Lance wasn't mad...
he just looked baffled.
But honestly, I was baffled too.
My hands were quivering and covered in blisters...
I have no idea why I did that?

The whole week was just like that.
Sometimes I felt like a joke and other times invisible.
Times that I wanted to help, I ended up just making things more difficult.
It has been quite the adjustment, staying home.

I know it is 90% in my head but honestly, I take a shower each day to put my pajamas on.

I haven't wore make up or a real bra at all this week...
except the day I went grocery shopping.

And that's just it...
my highlight of the week was grocery shopping!

Each day, I have silently hoped that Lance would pull in the driveway and acknowledge me.
Understand that I am scared to fail...
at school...
at the stay at home thing...
Just acknowledge me.

But he didn't.

Today, however, he pulled into the driveway and greeted the boys with hugs and kisses.
He then asked Maddox if he wanted to play cars.
Maddox said yes and Lance pulled out a sack with a brand new Match box.
He handed Beckham a little rubber Mickey Mouse...
He's a great daddy...
He then walked to the back door of his truck and pulled out a bouquet of flowers for me.

And that was enough.

One week down...
7 to go.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Another phone call


More news.

It was Josh, Lance's boss, asking us to move three hours from home--

An almost doubled pay raise...
but away from everyone.

For good.

My first reaction was fear...
and tears.

Mostly because everything I felt was selfish, and there was no part of me saying yes.

Which is crap...
because it is the opposite of everything I have promised my husband in the past.

When Lance lost his job, 2009 was hard.

I swore to him that I would move wherever God led us, for work.
For security.
For us.

Luckily I chose a career that is not effected much by economics, and I could find work.
I knew that.

He couldn't.
For a year, he begged for work, any work... and even sold roofs for a while.
He took a 50% pay cut, eventually, for security and insurance and honestly, we planned on him retiring from the sheriff's office, before Josh came along.

I think we have some people who think that Lance has had too many jobs in our 10 years together.
And I agree, to some extent.

But those people didn't lose their jobs.
The thing that they had only known for work, wasn't ripped out from under their feet, causing them to find an entirely new career all together.

It is always easier to judge someone else's storm, when you are watching it from behind the window, on your warm comfy couch.

So here we hit a crossroad, for all to judge again.

And I am panicking.

Before, when I promised to do whatever it took, for Lance to find work (including move), we were desperate.
This time, we are fine where we are at.
We don't need to make this move...
however the pay would be nice.

And part of me thinks that Josh is expecting a 'yes'.
Which is a lot of pressure.

I know that Lance will eventually make the same money, here, if we just give it more time.

And some things are worth more than a paycheck.

We just bought land, to build our forever-home...
I just landed my new dream gig at my own job...
My school starts tomorrow...
Maddox's soccer next week...
And his school, the week following.

I don't want to give up all of that.

But I need to be a faithful wife.

My SIL just said 'yes' to her husband...
without thought.
Her kids are already in school, with friends... and sports.
And I have far less attachments, in that regard.

But this offer isn't a "for a little while" gig...
It's for good.

And that's more than I can digest.

He is telling me that it will be a year before this takes place.
If we take it...

Which makes most of my list of reasons 'why we can't', invalid.

We have multiple friends who have moved across the country for their husbands...
And their careers.

They were faithful.

But this isn't some fancy new place, where people will fly to visit...
Its just far enough that it will feel too far to come out... 
And its just close enough to home to make me home sick.

So we will talk about it some more...
and more, again, I am sure.

He says that he is 90% on my side of the fence.
But I hope I'm not pulling him over.

Have I mentioned that I hate news?!

Friday, August 17, 2012

let me explain...

Yesterday, one of my pals started a blog...
She said something to the point that she has always wanted to do one, but didn't want people to think she is obsessed with herself.

Another friend posted this link to a blog that says what I have thought many times...
And I shook my head 'yes' the entire way... 
But then wondered, after them both, how do I come off ?

I do my best to show both sides of the margin, on my blog.

I don't break down every argument that I have with my husband, every time my mom hurts my feelings, every annoying moment with my boys or every crappy thing that comes my way at work or with friends--

But in the same sentence, I don't tell you every sweet word my husband says to me, every time I call my mom for encouragement, about the tiny blessings from great patients or doctors, co-workers and friends, or every funny thing my kids do or say, either.

I look for a balance.

I keep it real.

Or at least I try.

We do go to water parks, and go bowling and swim and play at the park...
We take vacations,
and read together.
and pray.

We also clean.
And cry...
And stay home.

And honestly, we do more of the 2nd list then we do of the first.

So I tell you about both, the best I can, to document our life in a truthful manner.

This little blog is just a journal, so that one day my children can go back and read about the days of our lives, a place to put pictures, and an outlet for creativity.

I do my best to document the poopy days with a splash of humor, so that when they read this, years from now, they know that life is sometimes crap...
and the best thing to do is to try and laugh and move forward.

Today was a poopy day.

My hands still smell like poop. Honestly.

Why? You ask...

Because Beckham pooped up his back and around his diaper, and down his legs in Target.

Oddly, it wasn't the most annoying part of my day.

I woke up this morning, excited to start our Friday.

At breakfast, Maddox and I had this little conversation:
Him: "Remember that time you were so mad and said, 'what's wrong with this damn computer, I am trying to call my patients'."
Me: "Yes Maddox, but that was very ugly of me.  Please don't say that word again and I will do my best to not say it either."
Him: "computer?"
Me: "no, damn."
Hi:  [pause] "Well, okay.  But I really don't talk about beavers that much anyway."

I know it is tacky, but it cracked me up and I could just tell that we were going to have a great day!

Lance said he was leaving work at 3:00 today, and asked if I wanted to meet him after work to get Ellie and Gunner's gifts for tomorrow and maybe dinner out.

I thought, I could add a little bonus to his day by heading across town for a hat that has been out of stock for a while, before meeting him.
He received an email last night, saying there were now "plenty" available, and I knew I could make his day with the surprise $10 purchase.  (and maybe keep him out of there for any further purchases.)

Apparently no one works on Fridays, because I had to circle the parking lot 3 times to find a parking spot and finally walk from the other side of the building, in the heat, with 2 tired kids.
I did not see that hat, where all of the other caps were located so I took my place in line to ask an associate.
Maddox knocked over a 3' statue of a grenade, and pulled the finger off of a mannequin that had already been replaced with scotch tape, while we waited.

Finally my turn.

Wrong location.
No caps there.
A waste of an hour of my life.

I loaded the boys back into their seats, and headed for lunch.

Except it took me over and hour to go 10 miles, due to construction.

Beckham cried...
the entire hour.

And Maddox did everything he could to keep from falling asleep...
eventually giving in.
Ten minutes from Chickfila.

Ten minute naps are worse than no naps.

There, we ate and the boys played...
and we ordered ice cream.

A decent time together.

I tossed both of their cones in the trashcan outside of Target, as it was melting everywhere, but mine was a milkshake-- safe to keep and use in an emergency, as bribery.

Which worked great, right until Maddox took his Incredible Hulk hands to it, and crushed it...
onto carpet...
and himself,
in the middle of Target.

I still hadn't thrown in the towel, we'd survived bigger battles.

Beckham refused to sit in the front of the buggy.
But in the back, he tossed out everything that I put into the basket,
and walking, he made a quick getaway-- kicking his Toms off in his haste.

He cried today.
A lot.

His nose is running like a broken faucet,
and he screams when he sees my tissue-to-the-rescue.

Maddox wasn't bad, just full of energy...
and he told me "his heart" wanted everything we saw.

I bought him a backpack, the presents for the birthday party in the morning, little hangers and Beckham shit.

I left the diaper bag in the car...
So what's a mom to do,
but check out, poop spilling from everywhere and head out.

I pushed the buggy to the car, loaded Maddox into his seat and started the Murano to get it cooling off.
Just as I cranked the engine, Maddox screamed in panic.

Beckham had reached the car with his toe, and sent himself rolling into the street.

I lept my un-athletic self, after his buggy, and used the trunk of my car to de-clothe B and bathe him with diaper wipes.

Finally home.  Still hadn't thrown in my towel.

I put Beckham to bed,
and begged Maddox to stop talking.

Lance ended up not leaving work until after 5:00 and listened to my day, but was no help from his truck, 50 miles away.

I was fine.

For some crazy reason, though, I just knew that he was going to walk into the door with flowers or a bottle of wine, or a babysitter and surprise me with a date, away.
I thought he was going to bandage me up, and make me feel special.
I thought that he was going to reassure me that my new SAHM gig was not going to be days like today, and remind me how thankful he was that I tried.

But he didn't.

Instead he admitted that he didn't know when I started school...
but then joked that he was ordering a "my daughter and my money go to UTA" sticker for his truck.  To which he was going to cross out the word 'daughter' and write in the word 'wife'!
...and told me about his day.

Some days I give up and other days I laugh.

Today, I still have my towel...
I've had harder days to toss it.

And since the entire house is now asleep,
I am sipping a glass of cheap wine...
And giggling at my mess!

It could have been worse! 

And it will be, at some point.

It's all a part of the game!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


At some point in life, we all get news.
Sometimes good.
Sometimes bad.

Often times indifferent.

Sometimes it is a day changer...
maybe even a life changer.

I am a creature of habit, and I have found over my 28 years of life, that I don't like news.

It is usually an adjustment...
something to try and break down,
and adapt or conform to.

It is simply change.

...To which, I have never really been a fan.

I have found that I take this to the extreme in some parts of my life.

Sometimes simple ideas, like trading in my car for a new one, overwhelm me, so I keep mine.

You know that song.

Even hypothetical change, does me in sometimes.
Like death.

Luckily, I haven't had to deal with death many times in my life--
but too often, I prepare myself for those types of news because I think I will soften the blow in some way when the actual news comes my way.

I do the some thing with my marriage.

I have shared that I don't think of my marriage as a "forever" gig.
Although I do think Lance and I have a great marriage... a solid friendship... and are very honest and secure with each other.
I think I set up the possibility of failure in my mind, so that if we stay in the 49% bracket of marriages that last, I will be surprised and blessed...
but if it were to end, with the majority, it would be easier in some way to know--
that's what it was always going to be, anyway.

No news.

Twisted way of thinking or not,
I hate change.

So today I got up like every other day.

I whipped up some banana, chocolate chip muffins and made a cup of coffee.

Kyleigh and I headed outside to soak in the cool front that we are having and waited for the boys to wake up.

Sometime around 9:00, I think, my boss called.

If you have followed my blog long enough, you know how much I love my job...
you know how blessed I feel to have a schedule that allows me to work 1/2 of my time from home-- and to have the hours that allow me to stay home with my boys during the day and not have the expenses (and worry) of having a stranger take care of my kids.

If you have followed long enough, however, you may remember a few times that the conversation has hit the table that my position may not be needed anymore.
That night clinic, could be cancelled.

In the past, these conversations came with some drama and tears.

Today, I had a similar conversation over the phone.
No drama.

Thankfully, my boss knows me well enough (after 7 years together) that she started by saying, "Holly, I have to let you in on some change.  But it will be great news for your family..."
The doctors voted to close down night clinic... maybe seasonally... maybe permanent...
but I will still get those hours that I work every week...
from home!

Sweet mother hen!!!
Do you hear this?!

I will work my same schedule-- without leaving my house!

I will have the same paycheck-- minus the gas bill, stops for large cokes, and miles on my car!

I will still get to have patient interaction...
to be a nurse...

And no adjusting to our income!

This is a God-thing, my friends!

Monday night Lance took Maddox to his soccer tryouts.

[Side note:: he did so well that they were shocked to find out that it was his first year playing!]

I left with both car seats still secured to the back seat of my car.

Thankfully my cousin (and neighbor) was able to keep Beckham and lend Kyleigh's seat to Maddox and they were able to still make the try outs...
but I was 45 minutes away-- and no help to them, once we figured it out!

That day, while Lance was tying Maddox's cleats, he said Maddox had the saddest look on his face.
He originally thought it was anxiety over his first organized practice, but he asked him what was wrong.

Maddox told Lance that watching him lace up his shoes, made him miss me.
That I am usually the one that put his shoes on him, and he wished that I didn't have to work so that I could watch him play.

I felt sad when Lance told me that, that night,
but justified it with all of the other times that I am home.
And since I book the weekend schedule, I would never have to miss a game.

Not a big deal.

But now I don't have to miss anything.
This change is good.

I would be lying if I didn't acknowledge a few worries that I do have...

Like if this too, will change.
How long will I get to keep this "dream job"?

I worry about the days that I am begging to go to work, scrubs on and keys in my hand when Lance walks through the door.
Will I ever leave the house again?
What will be my get-away?

I am a bit worried that Lance will forget the the 6 hours I am on the clock here at home, are actually my work hours and he will still be in charge of the boys during that time...
That I am still a "working mom", even though I am here-- and he still has to help as he always has.
I foresee some arguments, there.

I had asked to work an extra day a month, to cover our added expense of Maddox's school... that I will not be getting now.
But I can pick up weekends... and the gas bill alone, will be a bonus!
So this worry is minor.

Really, I think they are all minor concerns in regards to the huge blessing that I was gifted.

God is good.

My job is a blessing...

And 'news' isn't always bad, I guess!

By the way...
this goes into effect on Monday.

Coincidentally the same day I go back to college!

Monday, August 13, 2012

ducks in a row.

I have told you before that I am a list maker.
I make lists...
and lists of my lists...
and calendars...
charts-- what ever I can...

It keeps me happy.
(and I have been known to write things on my list, after I have already done them-- just to experience the pleasure of the single line, marking it off!)

I like structure and to have my ducks in  row. 

Tonight, Maddox has soccer "try outs".
They all make the team, but they attempt to even the kids out so that one team isn't "stacked", etc.

I will be at work, and I hate that.

Lance will be all business, and I would be all cheerleader...
but instead I will be all nurse-- and 30 miles away.

I am sure he will do great!
He has been practicing, and in his mommy's eyes, he's a natural!

But he also gets tired... and thirsty...
And that comes from his mommy too!

Monday, I start school.
I rented my books this weekend and am going to pay my final payment tonight...
It is real.
I am a student of UTA.

I have worked hard to organize closets and drawers, and stay on top of every load of laundry leading up to the day...
I am trying to take care of the things that overwhelm my mind, because I know me.
It is going to be difficult, for sure...
but I am doing my best to tackle the things I can now, that will torture me later!
(and hopefully get everyone into a routine of helping me each other)

Oddly, even with everything falling into our lap at once...
and I am not overwhelmed.

Lance even surprised me by getting our shower fixed!
It is funny how far your 'wants' change, the older we get!
Our renters cracked the bottom of the free-standing shower in our bathroom and we have been back here for a year now, still unable to use it.
I keep a running list on the fridge of crap we need to get taken care of, and there are only a few things not crossed off, all belonging to Lance.
I try not to rub his face in it like a puppy,
but I would be a liar to say that I don't remind him.

He didn't tell me until last night, when Rob came over to do the final (smelly) touches, and I was so excited to take a shower that I didn't have to move 57 toys from beneath my feet before hopping in.

Marked it off the list!

I work all 4 days this week.
Call, all 4 too.

Normally, I would act like that one extra day was going to do me in...
but today, I just see it as extra money...
and a good reason to stay home and organize more!

I think I am nesting.
I need more crates.
And trash cans.

We are refinancing our house.
I am nervous about the entire process, but we can get a 3% better interest rate, so we would be fools not to do it.
And with the money we save on our monthly payments, there...
we shouldn't notice the land payment at all.

And if it all falls into place just right,
We should be able to skip a house payment!
Meaning that I can do all of my Christmas shopping in one visit, and not stress like I do every year.

We went to the bank on Friday and have all of our finances squared away on the land too.
We got a better interest rate than we had planned... and cheaper payment.
We celebrated with sweets!
And then dinner with Lance's sister and her family.

Yesterday during dinner, we found out that my parents gifted the survey to us,
which was a huge blessing, as well!!

Thank you guys!

We should close in the next 2 weeks, and we will finally the the owners of 10 acres in Paradise!
We hope to build in 3-5 years, depending on how our market here, changes.
(^^read that sentence again, mom.  Three to five years.)  ;)
My mom wants us out there yesterday!

Maddox still has 4 weeks until he starts pre-k, and he has started getting anxious.
He started by telling me that I would be sad without him so he would just stay home...
and now he admits that he will be sad.
But I am ready.

Not for him to leave me (right now, he is the easier child!) but I am excited for him to meet friends, and paint and color and learn things that I don't know to teach him!
I am excited for parties and teachers gifts and all things crafty too.
I am excited to watch him wave bye at me and rush to me when his day is over.

We are not talking about school at all for a little bit...
But we are excited!

Finally, we went to Denton yesterday to celebrate our niece, Landry's, 10th birthday.
I remember the day she was born, like it was yesterday.
Lance and I could not wait until the weekend, so that we could rush out to Runaway Bay and hold her.
And that was a decade ago!

Tell me that Maddox won't be 10 that fast.
It is not on the list!

I am finished with my Pepsi, and the dinger just sounded on the dryer.
Back to cleaning I go!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

for a few days...

I want to tie my loose ends, so that I can participate in 10 on 10, tomorrow.
So this blog, again, is going to be all over the place.

But that's how that works, when you are type A, like myself...

I feel like if there are these unblogged topics floating around, it would be irresponsible to post 10 pictures of randomness... and if I did... and then went back and posted the few unmentioned topics in my brain right now, my world would be out of order... and confusing and awful.

So here goes (as I eat my cucumber... and realize that it is the only food that I ate today-- omiting my McFlurry... and add it to the list of "crap to do better tomorrow".)

Tuesday I moved my car out of the garage and turned it into a play area for Kyleigh and Maddox while B napped.
I had an idea to move our Lab, Toby, to the garage also, and give him a break from our torturous heat.
He enjoyed laying around while they slid and drew and played all around him.

Once Beckham woke up, me and the kids went back inside and left him to relax.

I cracked the garage about a foot, to let fresh air in...
and it started to rain.

Apparently Toby figured it was cooler outside, so he went exploring.

Thankfully, some new people around the corner had found him and though I was relieved that I didn't have to tell Lance that I had lost his dog-- he spent the rest of his day in the back yard.

Where he will stay.

Wednesday, we faced the dreaded checkups.

Maddox weighed 36 1/2 lbs and was 41 1/2" tall.
Beckham weighed 23lbs 14oz and was 32 3/4" tall.

We switched pediatricians, this visit, due to better schedules and were very pleased with our visit.
I got no lip about Beckham still not completely being weened.
She made no aggressive comments about my alternate vaccine schedule...
and when I told her that I was anxious about MMR since Beckham is only saying one word, she simply said, "then let's wait."

And we did.

Maddox was as brave as any four year old ever is, for his shots.

I went ahead and had him get all four that were due, rather than splitting them like I always have, because I thought that his anxiety had to trump mine, this time.
And now he is complete until he is 11.

Thank the Lord.

My heart was torn into pieces by the tears of both of my kiddos though, and it was difficult to split my TLC between the 2 of them.
I was very glad, however, that Lance took off of work to go with me...
but honestly, I really just needed two of me.

I was also thankful to the great co-workers I have, who showered them both with attention, praise and little goodies.
I know it made them feel special!

We met my parents for dinner after the visit, and then stopped at the dollar store so that Maddox could pick out a toy for being so brave.

He chose a bag of new army men and a Captain American figurine.

Beckham got a dose of Motrin...
and lots of snuggles.
Today the boys were better...
and they spent their day playing with our friend Audrey.

Candace, had plans in Weatherford and asked if I could keep her sweet girl.

The babies played so well together and Maddox was incredibly sweet to them both by keeping them happy and entertained.

At one point Beckham and Audrey were both laughing, and were getting more tickeled as they would watch the other, laugh.
It was too cute and made Maddox and I laugh equally as hard.

 Maddox is not one to be trumped however...
And although, I think he may have taken his "entertainment" a bit far...

I spent 4 hours organizing the boys' closet, so I appreciated his help!

We had a great day,
But tonight, I ended on a sad note.

My partner in crime, Raine, turned in her key...
and we worked our final shift together.

She is one of the sweetest people I have had the opportunity to know.
She is smart, hard working, funny... and was the perfect partner for me.

I am really emotional (as you know) and so I did my best to not shed tears tonight as we left.

Though I am excited for her new adventures in work, marriage, and life-- out near her family...
I will miss her dearly.


I will be praying for her Tuesday as she takes her test to turn in her LVN license and become an RN... I will keep planning her pinterest wedding for her... and stalking her FB and Instagram as if things are still the same.
I will continue to remind her how lucky she is to be young and free to be a gypsy for a while...
but I will miss her.

Like crazy.

Well, it is midnight,
and the house is snoring...

I am off to join them,
See you tomorrow for 10 on 10!