Thursday, January 19, 2012

you might be a mom of boys

You might be a mom of boys....
  • if you have been told "I love you" via dinosaur rawrs.
  • if you have had to use a Mator shaped loofah to bathe with because your pink one has some way made it away from the tub... probably converted into part of a cannon.
  • if you have stepped squarely on a 2" hard plastic, Handy Manny  figurine while carrying a sleeping child and did a silent-cursing-dance without waking anyone.
  • if you have forked up the money for name brand jeans-- finally long enough and skinny enough to fit your stickly tyke-- only for him to cover the knees in grass stains 30 minutes after wearing them.
  • if you have been called a beautiful princess, from a set of brown round eyes and they meant it.
  • if you have said, "if a magic eraser or oxy clean can't fix it, I am certain it isn't salvageable."
  • if you have prayed for a good wife for them, who includes you in their children's lives, and treats them with love and respect... even though that is a good 25 years away.
  • if you have more matchbox cars than you can count... more tractors than the local dairy... and more balls than most gym classes.
  • if you have pulled over the car to see a helicopter land.
  • if your kisses have to power to heal the world.
  • if one year you worry about a crown and talks of being a princess, but exactly a year later-- that same little boy-- puts back on the same crown, this time up-side-down and claims to be a knight [the spikes::  his "under armor"] and you feel like a fool for ever worrying.
  • if you have contemplated buying Yo Gabba Gabba Vans just to prove you are the coolest mom around.
  • if you have prayed for nap time.
  • if you have said, "calm down"... "quit jumping"... "did you just flip off of the couch?" all within a 5 minute time frame.
  • if your splurges in life are now on Cars fruit snacks, Toy story crackers or green waters!
  • if you have driven to the airport, just to watch planes land.
  • if you have asked another mom of boys when this "weeney talk" ends... to be told, "it hasn't yet..."
  • if you have ever had a Buzz Lightyear stuck atop a ceiling fan blade.
  • if you have ever judged another mom for allowing her child to eat ketchup as if it were a food group but then one day, you are sitting with your child in a restaurant and he is silently licking the ketchup off of his tiny fingers and your squirt more onto his plate... because he is finally quiet... in a restaurant.
  • if you have ever cried over the selection of girls clothes vs boys clothes.  [okay, maybe I was pregnant.  Give me a break!]
  • if you have ever had a black lip from a super-suctioned-powerful kiss.
  • if you are proud to say that you love breastfeeding... and are well aware that it is weird to much of the world.
  • if you have had surprise permanent marker on your kitchen table, pen on your couch, chalk on your chest of drawers and poptart crumbs in your bed.
  • If you hate winter but you get excited for snow. 
  • if your favorite past times include, talking, tickling, snuggling, laughing and playing hide and seek with a person still dependent on training wheels.
  • if you have ever cried, watching them sleep in complete amazement of God's work.
  • if you live with a super hero, a cowboy, an astronaut, a baseball player, and a monster; at any given moment.   (and occasionally a mixture of all of the above)
  • if you say "I love you" so much that it could fall into the category of a tick.
  • if you have pulled your toaster out of the cabinet, to find a nerf dart stuck to the side of it.
  • if you can make an excellent fort.
  • if you plan birthday parties at night, when you can not sleep.
  • if you can recite Gnomeo and Juliet word-for-word.  {Who's your Gnomey now?!}
  • if you have been amazed at the simplicity of their thought process, bringing the world into perspective with a tiny, simple, prayer.
  • if you have even been washing dishes, humming, "you've got a friend in me."
  • if the PB&J is a staple in your house.
  • if you are reminded, often, when you say something 'not appropriate.'
  • if your biggest worries include broken bones and chipped teeth.
  • if you have a difficult time deleting pictures... even bad ones with silly faces, because, after all, if was a face that your child made-- and you love them all!
  • if you have ever pretended to be on a rocket ship and mistakenly given a planet rings... but was corrected by a 3 year old, apparently smarter than yourself.
  • if you have ever had a moment of deja vu, realizing you finally understand your mother.
  • if you would take a bullet, square in the gut-- day after day-- if you could guarantee they could stay this blissful and innocent from now until forever.
  • If you can't pass up anything green or the with the number 3 on it... because though they may not have been your favorite before kids--  his excitement over the two, have converted you.
  • if you can pick out your child's cry from an entire room of crying kids... and have had that 'ear' since the day they arrived into this world.
  • if you complain often about the amount of "me time" that you no longer have... but in all actuality, you pass up many opportunities to take a little, because that's who you are.  A mom.
  • if you drink enough caffeine each day to fuel a Mac truck, just to keep up.
  • if there are books in your home, that you can read with your eyes closed.
  • if you know that Nick Jr is channel 169, but you have to scroll down to find BRAVO.
  • if you are terrified of a love this big... dissect the things that you could be better at... plan for future trials... and savor every stage.
  • if you have been pooped on, peed on, vomited on and cried on-- and none of it sicked you out.
  • if you have said, more than once, "these.... are the greatest days of my life."
  • if the greatest sounds you know include: baby laughter, "I love you, mommy", and quick steps of pitter-patter, as you walk in the door from work.
  • if you find yourself thanking God for even your most trying days, because it is exactly what you dreamed it would be.

{I know some of these are for moms in general... and there are many things for you 'moms of girls' to list as well... I just don't have any pigtails in my house, so I can't pretend to act like I know what fills your days... or your hearts!}


    1. I love these Holly and can relate to so many of them. I started to get a lump in my throat after singing "you got a friend in my" while doing dishes. Your boys will read this someday and know how much you truly loved being their mom.
      BTW, I was cracking up that you quick did another post so you didn't appear crazy! You are too much!

    2. I love this Holly. I always want to just copy and paste your blogs into mine and claim them as my own. hehe.

    3. I can relate to so many of these. I was cleaning in our office the other day and moved some pictures from a high shelf, and there was a Nerf dart. Made me laugh. PB and J is a major staple in this house, and Boyd has been known to it eat for all 3 meals many days. Even when I cry and complain, I also thank God for the hard days...I never dreamed I would be a mom, be staying at home, and loving this job as much as I do. It will be over before I know it, and I will want all of these hard days back again. :)

    4. It's been about 15 years for some of these but so many are still true 17 years after my boy came flying into this world!