Monday, January 9, 2012

Meal planning board

One of my 2012 goals, if you remember, was to cook more for my family.

After looking through Pinterest at some of the awesome meal planning boards that other mommas have made, I decided to make my own.

Mine is no where near the creative factor that the ones I pinned are, but I am an instant-satisfaction kind of girl, and I didn't want this to be a work-in-progress kind of board.

I  got in a bad habit of waiting to ask Mr. Indecisive what he wanted for dinner... throwing out ideas... watching him turn up his nose to all of my ideas... and then deciding it was a fend-for-yourself type of night.

He and I have already discussed the new "eat it or starve" plan... but I will do my best to make more of the things that he loves, that I may not be a fan of, as well.

I truly feel that this board will hold me more accountable in the kitchen.

Here is what I came up with:

 This is what I hope it will look like by the end of the month:

It is raining here today, so I have smothered steak going in the crock pot, and I have already placed today's magnet onto the board!
Beckham is down for a nap...
and I am taking a break from teaching Maddox, and letting him "just color" like he asked.

For the record, I could have never been a teacher.

My child is brilliant.  [spoken from a true mother]
He soaks in the craziest information like a sponge...
Just yesterday, he told Lance his training wheels work like a "stabilizer", keeping him on the bike and stable.

He has been able to identify his colors, letters, numbers and shapes since before he was 2.
He can count to ten in Spanish-- as well as know his colors in Spanish.

He does simple math.

So why...
Please explain to me why...
the child can not write a letter.

Not one.

It is like watching a noodle attempt to draw a straight line...
and the moment he flips his wrist just right to make some barely recognizable object, he starts explaining why he really just wanted to color a feather, or ear, or spoon.

It makes me want to pull each hair from my head.

just let him color Holly, it will come.


  1. I have got to start a meal planning calendar - especially with how busy it's about to get around here!

    As for teaching our own children, Macie won't listen to me when I try to work with her. I am just thankful for Dora for teaching her simple Spanish and school for, well, teaching her (two days a week).

    She can only write a "M" while most of the other kids in her class can write their names (but they have been going for years and go 5 days a week). She also refuses to stay in the lines while coloring. That being said, she is able to create her own pictures that are pretty amazing while her classmates creations look like scribbles. I would rather her march to the beat of her own drummer (but I won't lie, I REALLY wish she could write her name!).

    I'm ready to see what 4 brings to my sweet pea - her Birthday is TOMORROW! :)

  2. Oh, Dora TOTALLY gets credit for the Spanish spoken in this house as well!!

    But I just hate that he is so teachable in every aspect, except this.

    And I have ZERO patience!!

  3. you are on top of it with the meal planning!! Way to go! I need to get on that too. I have to do it week by week, but this week is planned so far.


  4. I need EVERY recipe on your fridge please! I will help Maddox learn to write in return! =)

  5. We have the "eat it or eat cereal" saying in our house. My meal planning board when I do one is a piece of paper taped to the inside of a cabinet door....mostly for me. Yours is way way cuter!