Sunday, January 15, 2012


Friday night, me and a few of my greatest girl friends went out to celebrate 3 of the girl's birthdays.

We had the best time and laughed until our faces hurt.

We had a few drinks... dinner... coffee....
and then like true-blue creepers...
we sat in my car and talked even more because we felt bad taking up any more of our waiter's table.

I can't describe to you what kind of friends mine are...
but they're great.

No they are better than that.

Like always, we promised to do it more often...
even "once a month"...

But in reality,
we are all moms...
and the chances of it happening soon,
are slim.

Happy birthday girly-girls...
I love you all!

Saturday, we celebrated my father in law turning 60, with a surprise dinner at Logan's Roadhouse.

Family, friends and co-workers all came to celebrate,
and he was so surprised.

We had a great time...
(despite my husband telling me he hated my shirt.  --I swear, he has never even noticed my attire.  He is the worst compliment-er of all time... but he rides that wave right through the center.  He has also never claimed to hate anything I have worn either.  For the record... I didn't change.  Annnnnd I made him take a picture of me, once we got home, so that I could tattle on him here, as well!)  ;)

Back to the party...

My sister in law did a lot of work making sure it was perfect...
And I don't think she was let down.

The boys were excited to make Papa the perfect card...

My brother in law kept me 'in the know'...
and together, I think we threw a great gig!!


  1. GREAT pics of you and your girlfriends! The older I get the more I realize how important my girlfriends really are to me.
    I think you look great in your blue shirt and black tights and boots. Men have no idea about fashion! (Because I am a little passive aggressive, I would wear that outfit a couple more times this week!) I like your earrings too!

  2. Laughter like that, with good friends, is one of the best things in the world. I've been missing that lately in my life. I'm glad you had so much fun! I love your outfit...Kevin once said to me, are you going to wear THAT? He never said it again. :) The photo of your boys sitting in the window is adorable. Love that! The 60th birthday party looks like it turned out great. The pictures are all so good. We love that restaurant, but haven't been in ages.

    Have a good week!

  3. haha, I am laughing at Kerri's comment!!! Yes, I say wear that outfit a few more times too. Men Don't know Fashioin Holly! Unless they are gay. Only exception. lol.

    What a great weekend! Glad you had fun with your gal pals. It is so needed for us girls.

  4. Hi again, 2 things. My grandma will love that you remembered that she hates the word "weird". :) She reads all my comments, so that will make her smile. Also, I saw on Kerri's blog about TJs....yes, one is opening on Hulen, in the 2700 block. I heard it is to be in the old Dorian's Home Furnishings building, or something like that. It's supposed to be open this spring. :)

  5. Holly, you look fabulous in both outfits! And this is a little stalkery, but are those different earrings in the home picture versus the restaurant picture. Love them both! Girlfriends and nights out are essential...