Saturday, January 7, 2012


I feel like I have been absent.

I'm just in a rut, you know.

My face looks like it was caught in the middle of a Roman candle war.
I don't know that I have enough Kat Von D concealer in my makeup bag to mask this mess.

My substitute Yoga instructor, worked me over good on Wednesday and my entire body is sore.
I am still by far the youngest, smallest but worst person in my class.
I keep thinking that I will get better... but I don't.
She tells me that I have incredibly open knees-- but I can't even touch my toes.
So somethings tight.

I'm just taking the class for strength mainly, not to lose weight-- or become a contortionist.
I just thought I would clarify since I was told that I needed to stop breastfeeding because I have gotten too small and unhealthy looking.
Which blows my gourd... would you tell an over-weight person that they have gotten too fat and unhealthy looking?? 
It's in my genes, yo.
Back up.

I have a cold and a head ache and my face hurts.
Lance is sick too.
Beckham actually slept until 8:30 yesterday morning but I didn't get to enjoy the rest because my head was pounding too hard to sleep.

My kids both have diarrhea...
post snot and fever.

Maddox pooped his pants a few days ago.
I thought it would have wrecked him, but he just matter-of-factually explained that it "must have been a really big toot".
The poor thing couldn't get off of the toilet on Thursday and his hiney was terribly irritated.
I had to pull out my secret stash of "big boy cream" because that baby cream wasn't getting anywhere near him!

Last night, he came into my room at midnight because "he needed to go right now" and while helping him to the potty, I said, "I'm sorry that you have been sick, baby"... to which he replied (rather proudly), "it's okay mommy, I finally learned how to tee tee out of my hiney like a big girl."

Maybe mommy needs to start pottying alone?!

Beckham has the diarrhea too-- but no where near Maddox's severity.
He's a bit clingy-er than usual.
But happy.

Yesterday, despite how terrible I felt, I scrubbed this house good and had big plans to finish today--
but I am spent.
I think I am taking the day off.
Off-ish:  I'm still a mom.
And a control freak.

The Christmas stuff is finally off of my kitchen table-- but I may have threatened divorce to get it done.
Don't fret, it has been threatened multiple times this week.
And we are still married.

I think he is self-centered, and annoying and selfish. 
He thinks I am bitchy, a nag and mean.

We may both be correct.

We have gone round and round since Wednesday and he forgets that I still don't like him when he tries to make me laugh or snuggle me up.
I remind him.

Tonight we are going to dinner with a few of his co workers...
With our kids...
This could go either way...
I'm hoping for a miracle.

And a better outlook.

Here goes!


  1. I hope the evening turns out well and super glad that your table is free of Christmas. :)

  2. You poor thing! Its horrible to have sick kiddos but even worse when your sick too. Maddox kills me with his comments! He is too funny but somehow seems to put it all into perspective for you. Its funny how our kids can be smart enough to do that to us. Enjoy dinner and good luck! Oh I been sick for three weeks and couldnt get rid of it so I was trying different things cause even antibiotics wouldnt touch here is my secret and of course not dr approved....mucinex tablet and sudafed pe. Prob overdosed myself but I feel tons better. One mucinex and two sudafed in morning and night then at night I stuffed vicks up my nose. Lol anyways thats my home remedey!

  3. I had to read Maddox's "big girl" comment to Chris. All he said is "that's sad." I agree - poor guy.

    I hope y'all had an enjoyable dinner and the boys are all better soon.

    Keep your head up, we all have ruts - our great times wouldn't seem so great without the bad.

  4. Poor guys! I will say that I laughed really hard at Maddox's comment about tee-teeing like a big girl. I had to read it to kent. And I am still laughing about it. Please cancel all plans next weekend and come to Austin. K? Thanks.