Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am going to need to win...

Remember like 37 minutes ago when I did an entire blog about things I hate?

Do you remember one of those things was "vote for my kid" type contests....

Well, it is still true.
I still hate them.

I can't really explain why I hate them... other than that I don't want anyone to lose.
And I don't want to be at fault for someone's feelings being hurt.

It is kind of like when my kids have a cold...
I never pray for God to "heal them" because I don't want to waste a prayer.
I use the skills He gave me to nurse them through and a salvage my "heal them" prayer for a day that hopefully never comes.

I know that isn't the way God intended this all to work...
And maybe that was a bad comparison....
but that's the way this mind of mine works!

With that said, Candi entered me in a contest for her best pictures from 2011.

I told her that I should have won it for just the amount of pins my pregnancy pics have mustered up on Pinterest... (which is far more than any other pictures she has pinned-- just type "maternity" in your search bar, it is now a "top hit", and see for yourself)
but apparently that's cheating!!  ;)
So I am going to beg like the others are already doing within the contest.

Here goes::
Against all that I stand for...
If you have a Facebook, I need you to vote here  by simply clicking "like".
It is a popularity contest after all--- and I cringe even writing that.

Literally, I think I may have an anxiety attack worrying about it.
Mainly because I am not "popular".
But I do need your help to even try and hang with a few of these girls.

I deserve to win...
A.  Because we are more poor than the other people in the contest and if I win, I get Beckham's one year pics for FREE.
B.  Once I get them... I will post them on here and I know you want to see what cute things I have brewing in my head-- so in turn, you win too.
C.  Because I don't want to be a loser.  Losers are, well... losers.  And who wants to be that?!
D.  For ever 'like' on my picture, a baby seal is saved.

*maybe that was a lie.   
 but I would appreciate your vote... if you have a second.
Just click here
and look for this pic!
Thanks chicks.

I'll never ask again.


  1. Gosh the pressure...sheesh! ;) You pleaded your case and I had an extra minute. Good luck! :)

  2. LOL!! Thanks Erin!

    I told Lance that I just want her to take it off because I am not going to be able to sleep, worrying.
    That's nuts, right?!

    I just need to fork up the cash, and get over it.

    I am getting cold.
    I get cold when I am nervous.

  3. Just voted! What an awesome picture! I hope YOU win!

  4. That photo is insanely beautiful! I tried to vote but can't b/c I don't have a FB account? How else can I vote? I didn't see a like button unless I'm logged on, I'm guessing?? :(

  5. Thank you sweet girls!!
    (you do NOT have to be my FB friend to vote, but you DO have to have a FB account! --I appreciate you trying anyhow.)

    Some of these girls are going to big extremes to win... which means I either need to step up my game or bow out...
    The fact that I have diarrhea over it says "secede" ...but the competitive nature of my husband, says, "lets fight!"

    Soooo.... tell your friends!

    (and feel free to vote for my best gal-pals: Wendy, Autumn and Kimberly who are also in the competition.)

  6. Oh bummer. I'm sorry I can't vote. I'm one of those odd people who don't have a FB page anymore. Sorry! I do hope you win. I think the photo is beautiful.

  7. Done and I threw in a link on my fb page. I used Please and Thank you :)

  8. Well, thank you!

    I ended up going through and "liking" almost all of the others too...

    I just couldn't sleep last night, thinking about it.

    I definitely want to win-- but there are some babies on there that are far cuter than my belly... popularity and vote-begging aside, I shouldn't be sitting in 3rd.

    And if she had entered a pic of my boys, I would have politely declined... it is hard to not take non-votes personal, as DUMB as I know that sounds!!!