Monday, January 23, 2012

Valentine's is approaching...

Lance has a crooked sense of humor...
In the beginning of our marriage, I considered him funny, eclectic, and our humor was what set us apart.

There are times when I consider it straight-up annoying... and the demise to any adult conversation that I crave.
It has been the root of many arguments.

Lately, I consider myself blessed.
My husband really is one of the funniest people I know.
I'd laugh, even if I hadn't married him.
He's just funny.
(hang in there... I'll be annoyed soon enough.)

Valentine's Day is approaching.

Lance has always done it up right...
a card...

Always predictable, but exactly what I hope for each year.

Lance knows that I would hate a heart shaped thing full of disgusting chocolates...
he understands I'm 25 years too old for a teddy bear...
and he's well aware that I think a single flower, aside from when it is a part of a boutonniere, is creepy.
Just my opinion.

I want dinner.  (doesn't have to be nice-- I just don't want to cook it.)
I want flowers.  (colorful, cheap and atypical)
I want you to tell me why you love me.  (even if its only 3 sentences long in a Spanaish card, because that's all that they had left at Kroger.)

However, if he thought he could slyly do any of the 3 above, and pull it off as if he was serious...
he would try.

His reward only being a tiny laugh, silently within his head, knowing I was thinking, "what the hell???" but uncertain enough to not ask and hurt his feelings.

But now he has an accomplice.

I know some think Valentine's Day is a "Hallmark holiday"...
but thankfully, the Erwin's don't buy into that theory.

Even if it is a made- up holiday about love--
I am married all year long-- cleaning, cooking, loving, and  most of the time, being unappreciated and over looked for the day-to-day things that are part of this title of wife.
Show me the love...
on this marked day--
mainly because I deserve it.
[But also because no one wants to be the girl who doesn't get flowers...]

I share all of that...
just to show you what I got today.

From the sweetest little boy, who couldn't wait for me to eat every one of them.

I ate them one.
Because he's my sweet tiny boy...
and I know he isn't in on the joke.

But that's okay, you see...
Two can play this game.

I think Maddox will agree,
Daddy needs new cologne.

And Maddox and I will remind him every time we think he needs a dash, that his $2 English Leather is waiting for him.

Happy Valentine's Day, My Love.

We have a full 3 weeks left in this game...
And there's more where that came from.


  1. P.S. If you love boxed chocolates, teddy bears, single carnations or disgusting cologne... I apologize.
    But really... they are gross. ;)

  2. Oh you guys crack me up! I feel for you on the humor thing....I often get annoyed with my husband's 7th grade humor. Sometimes I just want a real conversation! Too cute that Maddox wanted to give you your gift from him early. :)

  3. okay, Holly. I wanna be apart of your family. I love this. I'm cracking up (as I always comment on your posts) This is hilarious. Getting the kids (unknowingly) involved is the best!! How fun, Happy Valentines!

  4. That is pretty funny. Let the games begin...

  5. Ok, well I do love boxed chocolates, but that's a downfall of mine, because I love ALL chocolate, unfortunately. :) As an adult, I'm definitely not into getting stuffed animals as a gift. This post cracks me up. We pretty much only do homemade cards around here for Valentine's day.....not much thought goes into it here, but maybe I need to do some funny gifts like you!

  6. That's hilarious. Y'all crack me up

    God bless!

  7. So funny! I hope you post the rest of your game. :)

  8. I just love you and your family. Lance is so thoughtful to let Maddox get those chocolates for you. I bet he didnt even help Maddox pick them out ;)

    That cologne- I'm laughing over here. I can only imagine the smell that puts out :-0

  9. haha. Holly you make me laugh! You two are pretty funny.
    I am wondering what else you come up with now. ;)
    My hubs and i don't do V-day. Well, we do, but no gifts. We get the kids little treats and then we usually plan a night to put the kids to bed early, open a bottle of good wine, and we cook a nice meal together that we don't usually cook. This year it's lobster tails. No corny chocolates or teddy bears. lol!