Friday, January 27, 2012

this past week...

I was uploading pictures and realized that I hadn't documented this past week of life just yet!
oh my!  ;)

So I will start where I left off last...
(pre the Valentine's Day post)

My sister agreed to watch the boys last minute for us, and Lance and I went to the awards assembly for the Fire Department.
(It wasn't a dressy-gig before you get to judging my attire!)

I will share a mini-story from the night...
After leaving, I went into a gas station to buy a newspaper and get cash to pay my sister.
The clerk said (and I {embarrassingly} quote), "you are gorgeous." 
Of course I responded (very confused like), "me?!"
To which she said, "yes.  You are very pretty.  I bet you get that all of the time."
I told her that I have actually never gotten that, but I thanked her for making my night life.

When I got back to the truck I told Lance what she said...
and he responded (again, I will quote), "she must really like to compliment people... she told me she liked my boots."

I thanked him for being so kind.
(please insert sarcasm)

He apologized because "he really didn't mean it that way"
He explained that I compliment people a lot, and it really is a nice quality to have.
I forgave him.
Because I have told you before, he really is the worst compliment-er alive.
I know he digs me.
...and my new MAC eyelashes I sported that night!

He's just....
I'm immune to it!! 
(and I love him)

Sunday, my mother-in-law came over and we finally swapped out our Christmas gifts.
Maddox has worn his football uniform every day since he got it.
He swears he catches better and throws further when it is on...
He may be right!

Wednesday, Lance and I both were off work.
We decided to go to the Fort Worth Stock Show and see a few animals.
Little did we know, there are days that there are actually no animals in the building.
Of course, we went on *that* day.

We still made the most of the baby animal exhibit.
We got to see a few rabbits and chickens on display...
and we walked through the shopping exhibit.

This year, your ticket to the stock show also gets you into the museums.
Lance had to leave for a class he was teaching that night, but my mom met me at the science museum and we played a little more.

Maddox could have spent hours in there playing...
and luckily he now can.

Mom split the cost of a family pack, season pass with me....
so we have many more days of play in our future.
(and it gets in up to 5 people, so our friends can benefit too)

With the pass, you get into the Stock Show this year and next year for free as well...
so now we also get another chance at seeing some animals!
(hopefully next Thursday.)

Thursday, we had CiCi's for lunch.
This is a random story, but cute. (to me)
Maddox got a kid's cup and it was green.  (they all are) but he thought he lucked out, and was uber-excited.
Then, I ordered a special pizza so they gave me a number.
We somehow managed to get his and Lance's favorite number 3...
Maddox thought he had struck gold, and asked me to take a picture for my computer!
(the blog)

Today, my dad came over for a visit.
I did not think to get my camera out, but he visited for a good while.

I was not feeling well, and after he left I took a 2 hour nap while Lance watched the kids.
It. was. so. nice!!!
Rare, but so appreciated!

the last news of the week...
Beckham turned 9 months old on the 22nd.

He has 3 teeth and is days away from cutting the 4th.
He stands alone for long periods of time but will not take a step unless he can make it with just one, and he gasps and laughs and gets super excited about his big adventure!

He loves to push and walk behind all of his toys, but does not have the control, just yet, to walk.

He sleeps well these days, from about 10:00pm to 8:00am, but he has thrown a few curve balls with this teething-business.

He says "momma", "bubba", signs "milky", and says "ba ba" (rhyming with da da) for daddy.

He is a eater.
He still loves his booby-milk, but there's not much he won't eat, food wise... and now that he has mastered his finger-grasping, he wants to feed himself.
He is such an easy, happy little guy.

We really lucked out in the baby department with both boys, however, Maddox was a mild little soul too.

And then he got bigger.

And rowdy.

The poor thing has bruises and scratches all over him because he will.  not.  stop.  jumping.

I hear it is a stage.
But it doesn't mean I can't wait for it to pass!

His new helmet may just serve to protect him from himself, rather than just football!
He's a mess!


  1. I think Beckham is looking more and more like Maddox!
    I think it's awesome that the girl at the gas station told you you're gorgeous! You ARE! I have often wanted to tell someone I don't know how pretty they are...but I never have the balls to do it! I don't want them to think I'm weird. My husband isn't a huge compliment-er either. He has rarely ever said that I'm pretty or beautiful. (Maybe never unless I have straight out asked!) But he says things like I'm a cooker and a looker. Or HOT. See, it's his junior high mentality. :(
    Maddox looks so cute in his football gear! And, 3 is my favorite number too!

  2. cooker and a looker!!! :D I hope lance doesn't read this one, because I can GUARANTEE he will be steeling that saying!!

    I am the weirdo who compliments people all of the time... random strangers... all of the time!! I can tell I embarrass Lance with it too, but it doesn't seem weird to me at all!!

  3. I love how you organize your pics! They look so cute. Love the football gear. My daughters volleyball number is 3! Happy weekend!

  4. You are gorgeous AND you have such great style - she's right!

    Chris never compliments me either - when he does, I don't take it seriously because he never compliments. When he does it's something like, "wow, you look hot." Really, that's the ONE compliment you can come up with this year? Haha! Oh well, he wrote "You are hot! - (heart), Chris on my full-length mirror in our bathroom and I refuse to erase that because that way I get a compliment everyday.

    Macie has bruises all over her legs. I hesitate to put shorts or dresses on her because I'm afraid people will think I beat her! The bad thing is, I have no idea where they come from!!!

    I love Maddox's football getup and I can't believe Beckham is trying to walk at 9 months! That's crazy!

  5. I agree with Kerri, the boys are looking more and more alike, especially in these pictures. They are adorable! I'm so glad you got a nap. Yes, they are rare. Yes, they are appreciated! :) Kevin usually butters me up if I say to him, you never tell me I'm pretty. Then he really lays it on thick for a few days, until he forgets again. YOU are very pretty, the cashier was right! Hope you have a good Sunday.

  6. Will you adopt me? :) I want to go and play and have fun.