Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today was a great day.

Today, while driving up to my moms for some potatoes for my stew, I had a thought:
I'm a good mom.

I wanted to share that, because I think I am quick to write about our difficult times....
And there have been times over the last 28 months when I feel like parenting is a big game of tug-of-war!  During those periods it was obvious that my 2 1/2 foot warrior had a better handle on his end of the rope than I did.
But 'adapt and over-come', that's my strategy on parenting.

Right now, I'm good at this.

Maddox is smart and sweet and social and polite, and he is two.  With two, comes being self-centered and demanding and sometimes impatient and difficult.
I realized that Maddox's biggest need is to be acknowledged, and that changed everything for us.  
That's fine, because I too, want to be acknowledged when I am upset.
If he is acting selfish, bratty, mad, etc... I say, "Maddox, I know you are upset about ______, and you want to throw a fit.  That's fine, because mommy throws silly fits sometimes too... but you need to do it in your room.
He goes to his room and within minutes (if that) he will come out of his room telling me that "I'm not mad anymore momma" or "I'm not crying anymore" etc.... and we go on about our day.
It works!

I'll be close to falling in that water again at some point... but for now, I think I've got a firm hold on my end of the rope.
Today is a great day.

Maddox was suppose to stay with my grandmother tonight since my mom is in Austin, but an unexpected phone call at 3:30 changed all of that.
Night clinic was canceled!!
That never happens, but we enjoy the rare occurrence anyhow!

I know Nana was bummed that she didn't get to keep him, and I felt bad for that but secretly still did a happy dance about working from home tonight!
I made the same amount of money, from the courtesy of my couch.
I put on a pot of stew...

Maddox and I played outside...

He loves to be outside!
And I love him.

Today was a great day.

Finally, today is my and my husband's four year anniversary.
I could gloat on how great he is...
and patient...
and kind...
and funny.
(as I have done a million times before)

But I won't.
(I don't think affirmation is his love language) 

He knows he rocks.

He and I also understand that marriage, like anything else, has highs and lows.
We are on a high.
Rather than boast about it, I'll just enjoy it.

Happy anniversary my love.

Today was a great day!


  1. I'm glad you had a great day! Happy Anniversary to you two!!!

    And I think I need to start sending Kensley to her room. haha Time outs work pretty well for her.... so far :)

  2. You are a great mom!!! I've never tried sending Cori to her room...or time out. We just usually walk away from her when she's thrown herself on the floor and she'll cry for a second and hop up like nothing was wrong. She RARELY ever cries but as her vocabulary grows and her ability to put correct sentences together comes the sassy attitude. Its funny - she knows which words to say louder and harder to get her point across. "I don't WANT to eat my greenbeans" "NO momma, I want DADDY to make my juice" she's a butt head. lol

  3. I think the fact that Maddox can say EXACTLY what he wants makes it more difficult sometimes...
    Here's an example from this morning:
    Maddox sometimes crawls into lance's closet which drives Lance crazy because he gets all the clothes jacked up....
    Lance saw that he was making his move and said, "NO MADDOX! Stay out of my closet!" Maddox turned around and said, "Give me a chance dad, just one chance."

    How can you argue that?!
    (P.S. Lance gave him a chance....)