Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas is in the air.....

I feel incredibly blessed lately....
Nothing great is really going on, but I think I am soaking in life a little, ya' know?
I guess it is the Christmas in the air.

I absolutely love my work schedule.... I really love my job.
I love that I get to work, and make money and feel appreciated...
but get to spend the majority of my days at home and don't have to send Maddox to daycare.
I love that my son gets alone time with his daddy while I work, and has built such a great relationship with my parents since they keep him most of the time I am away.
I love my mom.

I love my husband.
He tells me every single day how much he loves my pregnant body.
I think maybe he is hinting that I'm too stickily in my real body, but either way I'll take the compliment.
It's easy to feel like a school bus when you are use to not thinking about your weight.
I appreciate him keeping my spirits up.
He's so patient.
The other night we rented 2 movies.  'Eat, Pray, Love'; for me. And Lance chose 'You Don't Know Jack'.  A movie about the career of Jack Kevorkian.  Mine was slow, not a movie I would probably ever see again, but made you think about the way we race through life.
Lance's was interesting, definitely not my cup of tea, but not completely horrible I guess.
However, late that night, Lance and I found crazy-paranoid Holly.  (it has been a while since we have seen her)  Dr kevorkian ended a majority of his patient's lives with carbon monoxide via a canister and mask. 
I could not stop wondering if our propane fireplaces were leaking carbon monoxide.
At 2:00am I found myself google-ing this info.
And crying.  Hysterically.
I wanted to wake Maddox up and put him in our bed.
I thought that if we were all going to be dead by morning, I at least wanted to be together.
Lance laughed at me... but he put him right beside me, in our bed .
I cried and told him how much I loved him and stared at his peaceful-sleeping-baby-face.... and finally fell asleep.
Morning came too soon but my husband let me sleep.
He scooped Maddox to the living room, fed him breakfast, and cleaned the house before I woke up.
He is such a good husband.
He has the best sense of humor.
I am having crazy- pregnant dreams.... or maybe my mom's sleeping habits--
Either way, twice now, I have flipped out of bed-- screaming-- thinking that there is a roach in our bed.
I am serious as a heart attack while it is happening and nothing makes me more mad than to be told that I am imagining it.
I am sure, at that moment, that I saw it.  (However, logic would say that I can't see anything while sleeping!)
I even asked him at one point, "do you want me to slap your face and see if you are imagining that?!"
Though annoyed, we get a good laugh about it the next day.

I love my baby boy.
He lights up my world daily in a million different ways-- every single day.
He is hilarious.
The things that come out of his mouth keep us rolling.
I wish I could remember everything he says-- but my brain isn't big enough!!
Just yesterday, he said:
"That's crazy talk" when I said his room was a mess.
"My pleasure" when I asked if he could put his empty juice cup in the sink.
"freaking dog!" in a real angry voice as I was carrying him to the car at mom's... and when I said, "that's not nice buddy-- we can't talk like that" he replied with, "well, he licked my toes--" like he was completely justified.  (thanks mom!)
He told me I was "scraggly" last night as I undressed for bed.  I told Lance that there's not much that can make you feel more ugly than the honesty of a 2 year old.
He agreed, since yesterday morning he told lance, "you stink!" Lance said, "Maddox!  That's rude" and he replied, "Its your mouth daddy- it is stinky."  (In his defense, Lance's morning breath is pretty rank!)
Those are only a few.
His imagination is endless--
It is often his birthday... party hats made out of cups, talk of balloons and party cake.
And other times we are pirates and have to say "ARG, Mate-y" all day!!

I love my tiny-tiny.
Who moves and kicks all day long now.
I love nights, laying on the couch or snuggled up in bed while my boys hold their hands on my belly trying to feel him move.
Maddox is never patient enough, but Lance feels him every day.
If you watch closely, you can see my belly move when he kicks.  I love that part.
I'm glad he is a boy now.
I love him already.
(Even if he did just take a huge growth spurt this week)

I pretty much love everyone.
And everything.
December just makes me feel cozy I guess.
Family, fire, Christmas--- I just feel blessed. 

Tonight, we tried the new Mexican food place in Paradise, and I was impressed!!
It was really good!
We left there and went and saw more Christmas lights.
I love to see the magic in Maddox's eyes.
If he said "wow" once, he said it a thousand times!
I love getting to experience moments like these with him... and my parents too!
Maddox still seems like such a baby when he's full of joy like that!
And this is just the beginning....

I have almost all of my Christmas presents bought.
Most of them are small and un-wrapable...
so though I am just about finished, there are only a few wrapped gifts under the tree.
Once I figure out how to put together the other gifts, I'll post a picture.
For now, this is what I've got:

And I made my own tags this year:

(As you can see, baby E still does not have a permanent name)

I had to re-buy a part of the grandmothers' gift.
Maddox got into the bag, and although I know it has to be in this house somewhere, I am running out of time to find it.
I re-purchased.

We have our tacky Christmas sweater party next weekend.
We just KNEW Lance would be on days by now so he never asked off for the day...
He's not.
Thankfully, a lady he works with is covering his shift!
 I can not wait to blog about this night, it is sure to be a blast!

I still have not made my Christmas cards.
A blog I follow posted an offer for 50 free cards for bloggers through shutterfly, but I need to read the details of the offer before I get them done or decide if I am going that route.
I'm running out of time.

It's late.
We are still up.
Maddox fell while climbing on his Bumbo, trying the reach the cream (baby lotion) on the top of his tv and bit his tongue.
It was a bloody massacre.
But nothing a kiss and a popsicle couldn't fix.

We better climb in bed, before we have accident number 2.
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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